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  1. Dan I am totally dead on LI but your tips do make perfect sense.

    I’m big on not approving any old requests and also I send out requests only to LI users I know, like and trust.

    I.e., I request friends only.

    When I did LinkedIn regularly I found Groups to be valued hangout spots.

    Give more than you take by engaging on other’s posts to build your rep and to build your LI network.

    Super tips!


    • Dan Purvis says:

      Hi Ryan – great point about give more than you take; too many folks out there expect the world to flock to them without doing very much to spark interest…and then complain about it “not working”!

      Some Groups suffer from the typical spammers who try to provoke discussions and regularly share content, but don’t comment on anyone else’s discussion threads or content…but most LI Groups are great value of learning, sharing and discussing.

      Really pleased you found this useful – thanks for your comments!!

  2. Bob Johnson says:

    Good points here… the only exception that stood out to me from my experience was group memberships. Most of mine are in higher education… and most are plagued by endless self-promotional “new discussions.” I need to take your advice and just cancel the membership… and then I’ll have less email notices to delete.

    • Dan Purvis says:

      Hi Bob – thanks for your comments…really appreciate it! LI Groups can be hugely valuable, but you need to keep on top of them and make sure you cull the ones that have “all about me” discussions in them!

  3. Hi Dan,
    I am so glad I found this article! I am a LinkedIn newbie and this clarified some of the confusing aspects of how LinkedIn works, especially the endorsements and groups. Thank you for publishing this!
    Kim DiIuro, Kimberli Photography

    • Dan Purvis says:

      Hey Kimberli – thanks so much for the comment and delighted you found the post useful!
      We’ll be publishing another LinkedIn top tips post on Thursday…that one will be specifically for Company Pages 🙂
      All the best,

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  5. Josef says:

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