8 Responses to The 4 best social media management tools of 2015 #Infographic

  1. Brenda Pace says:

    Very interesting statistics! I’m surprised that Buffer wasn’t mentioned? Needless to say, this definitely gives us all something to think about. Gladly passing it along.

  2. Hey Lilach,

    Sprout Social — love it and probably the best I ever used. Sadly, have not try AP yet. With your review, guess I just got to try it out.

    Sounds super powerful and hey, thanks for sharing these tools!

  3. Esther Mayhew says:

    Hey there,

    Great article, very informative! There are a lot of amazing tools on this list that I’ll definitely be keeping in mind for future reference.

    I’ve been using a tool recently called tweetfavy.com it’s great and it really helps me get a lot of real and organic followers at a rapid pace. What are your experiences with this tool?

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