9 Responses to #Infographics are tweeted about every 4.7 seconds!

  1. Reginald says:

    Hi Dan,

    Oh wow! Great article man. I recently started a new blog and I integrated Infographic as my main technique.

    The results are pretty surprising since I was able to get some good quality link back from it.

    And the fact that they get tweeted so many times is insane! People really images huh? 🙂

    Thanks for sharing and appreciate the time taken to share this man!

    • Dan Purvis says:

      Thanks Reginald – we’re pleased you like it…mental stats aren’t they?! 😀

      Link-backs are a great point…they’re so important these days for different reasons!

      Love your new blog BTW!

      Keep in touch and all the best 🙂

  2. Hi Dan,

    People love eye candy but I feel too many IG’s become recycled into oblivion. If I see the same IG on 10 different blogs each day – and at times I do – they lose their power. It’s why I like writing unique, in-depth content. My take is my take, and nobody else can share my take.

    Not so with IG’s.

    Also, I feel words will always trump eye candy. For research material, we want meat.

    A 2500 word, in-depth post is meat. Dive in, read, learn, apply and reap rewards. Although an IG makes good points, and an impact, you can’t flesh one out….not enough space for words.

    I just vibe with text based posts.

    Cool findings here Dan.

    I’ll tweet it in a bit.


    • Dan Purvis says:

      Thanks Ryan – agreed about the written word…I just love writing it and reading it. But the typical people online are time-poor…or at least think they are…so just want the easy visual option.

      There’s a place for in-depth quality content for sure. There’s a place for IGs too…but whether they are standalone static, animated or interactive IGs, or part of a mixed and complementary multi-format content toolkit on a particular subject is for brands to test and work out.

      IGs get shares…but do they cannibalise each other and dilute their intended value? They certainly don’t seem to drive the engagement and debate and discussions that they used to.

      Cheers Ryan!

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  6. Rachel Henke says:

    That’s an eye opener. So I can ditch the guilt about never getting round to creating info graphics?

    Happy to hear it!

    Cheers. Great Post.

    • Dan Purvis says:

      Haha maybe it can help with the guilt! 😀
      We believe that there is still a place for infographics, and on Tuesday we will be publishing our concluding post on the infographics series by recommending how and when to use these different types of infographics – static/traditional ones, animated ones, and genuinely interactive ones.
      Have a great weekend!

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