12 Responses to Know Your eCustomer – it’s time to get engaged

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  4. efecto says:

    yeah customer first. Not glad customers and then buisnes is not working

  5. James Self says:

    Keep coming back to this fantastic article. So many companies say they’re putting the customer first but only a very few are truly putting the customer at the heart of everything they do. I’d like to sing the praises of the company for which I work, but truth be told their acceptance of change is in its infancy. Hey, at least they’re trying -reremoving bottom-left targets in favour of customer satisfaction metrics is a fantastic move and one I expect to see mimicked. Anyway, props on a superbly-written wall of text Dan.

    • Dan Purvis says:

      Thanks, James – means a lot! Putting the customer at the heart of any growth strategy seems obvious…but isn’t always easy, especially when it involves a complete overhaul of processes and, most significantly, mindsets…

  6. Ian Zafra says:

    Customer is important in every business so that as providing what they want and what they need is the responsibility of the company. Adjusting to the digital revolution is important to cater their needs and to be able to communicate.

    • Dan Purvis says:

      Thanks Ian – it seems this digital shift is not being seen by brands as an opportunity to build trust and engage with their audiences, but instead seen as a threat due to the negativity they can be on the receiving end of via Twitter etc.. This should just become a standard part of customer service but, most importantly, ensure that responses are quick and tailored to solving the problem.

  7. Matt Insardi says:

    It’s all in the details. and taking care of your followers. Take care of them and they will do the same for you! Thanks for sharing.

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