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101 Tweet-Tastic Tools for 2014

Last year I wrote about my favourite Twitter tools – 101 Tweet-Tastic tools for 2013, which generated over 71,000 shares and 141 comments.

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I have been meaning to update the list for some time.  Since publishing the post there have been many more tools enter the marketplace, as well as sadly some of them no longer being available – in fact on reviewing and updating this post we were surprised to find that out of the 101 tools we had listed 30 of them no longer existed.  Although this culling has mostly been dominated by the more gimmicky ones disappearing.

It’s evident that there now are a plethora of tools available to help you manage social media and Twitter effectively but it can also become overwhelming – sometimes there is just too much choice!  We also have the question of automation tools vs real time engagement – but that is a debate for another post…

Twitter Tools

The purpose of this post is to simplify the process of finding and using the right tool.  We have tried to make it as easy possible by segregating tools into each category, i.e. dashboards, relationship management, automated tools, analytics, monitoring and measuring, search, etc.  It’s worthwhile reading to the end of the post as there are some useful tools that you may not have heard of or that certain features even existed!

Bookmark imageAs it’s a long post we also recommend you bookmark this page so that you can revisit when trying to find a Twitter tool.

As always we welcome your shares so please do share across your social networks 😀

So without further ado, here are 101 Tweet-tastic tools:


1.  Hootsuite is undoubtedly one of my favourite and most used social media tools.  I literally couldn’t manage my own social media let alone all our clients without it.  A very easy to use dashboard for engagement, scheduling messages, auto-scheduling, responding to Twitter messages, direct messages etc. It allows you to manage all your social networks together and has a host of reporting and measuring features.  Their collaboration features are also extremely helpful: you can assign messages, create workflows and much more.

2.  HubSpot Social Inbox  plugs into your contacts database.  It colour codes your customers and leads helping you to prioritise your responses.  It’s a fantastic tool that allows you to connect with the people that matter to your business.  It has a plethora of features and tools from being able to learn about your new followers, social monitoring, smarter social publishing, and discovering content that resonates with your audience to maintaining and managing conversations via your Social Inbox.

3. MarketMeSuite is a good social media dashboard. You can use it to manage and market on multiple social profiles, schedule messages across social networks, use Geo-targeting to locate customers nearby, and many others.

4. SproutSocial has everything you need to enhance your social media effectiveness: monitoring, engagement, measurement and growth. You can use it to schedule updates, monitor your brand and your competition, find targeted customers, and measure your success with analytics.

5. Plugg.io is a great management tool for Twitter.  It allows you to manage multiple accounts and separates Tweet streams, to make it easier to manage. It also helps you get more followers with their friend suggestions.  You can also “tweet awesome stuff” by plugging into your favorite blogs and news sources.

6. SpredFast is another useful dashboard that you can use to manage your social media as well as monitor and measure your voice (including uploading videos) across multiple social media platforms from one place.

7. MediaFunnel allows you to manage up to 25 different social media channels. Features also include monitoring brand and keyword mentions, talk with your audience from one place, assign and manage customer requests, and drive traffic to your landing page and blog. It also allows for multiple users and roles.

8. Netvibes lets you keep track of news and trends, create fun personalised widgets, monitor your account in real time, get your analytics and find out what people think of you.

9. Argyle Social is a dashboard that you can use for all of your social media engagement needs: publishing content, engaging with followers and analytics.

Automated Tools

10. SocialOomph is another great Twitter tool that I use on a regular basis.  As far as I’m aware it’s the only tool in the marketplace where you can send recurring scheduled updates. You can also manage multiple Twitter accounts from it.  As well as scheduling tweets you can find people, set up keyword alerts, send welcome messages to new followers and a lot of other great features.

11. Bufferapp is another one of my favourite Twitter tools.  You can schedule all of your articles, pictures and videos, and Buffer will “automagically” share them for you. Their “optimum time” posting is a great feature and I mainly use Buffer for this purpose.  It also has the ability to manage multiple accounts and invite your whole team to use it. You can also get free and detailed analytics on all of your posts. Buffer also offers buttons and browser extensions and a mobile app for iPhone and Android.

12. Twuffer is an easy and free-to-use Twitter tool that allows you to schedule tweets for the future. If you want to make sure that you never forget to announce your future releases, and that you appear to never sleep, then Twuffer is the perfect tool for that.

13. Dlvr.it is a great tool to use If you are tired of having to schedule tweets and posts every time you finish a new article. It’s a great way to remove the hassle of having to promote your blog posts all the time. It also works with Facebook and LinkedIn.

14. Twitterfeed is useful If you have a blog and want to link it to your Twitter feed with minimal effort. It enables you to send a tweet just as soon as you publish your latest blog post.


15.  Simply Measured is one of our favorite social media analytics tools. It’s not only one of the most complete tools, with analytics for Twitter, Facebook, Vine, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Google+, Klout and even Google Analytics (with Pinterest soon to join), but their reports are also beautiful, and very thorough. You can choose to see your reports either in Excel or online, or even export them directly to PowerPoint, and get very in-depth analysis of your online behavior, your followers and fans and much more.

16. TweetReach is an interesting tool that shows you “how far your tweet traveled”. Simply type in your Twitter handle on this free service, and you can find out how many accounts you’ve reached with your last 50 tweets, what were your most retweeted tweets, who are your top contributors are and much more useful information.

17. TwitterCounter shows you all of your most basic Twitter stats in a fun, interactive way. You can also get different widgets and buttons to put on your blog or website that show your recent Twitter visitors and follower numbers.

18. TweetStats is a stats tool that graphs your Twitter stats for you. It can show you graphs of your tweets per hour and per month, your tweet timeline and reply statistics.

19. Twitonomy has a variety of different methods of analysis: tweets and retweets, replies, mentions, hashtags, links, followers and people you are following, tweets per day of the week and per hours of the day…and the list goes on! They also provide some interesting ratios that will show you if you are on the right pathg or if you should change your Twitter tactics.

20. TweetTronics looks at what people are saying to one another in real-time and then analyzes that data and converts it into “understandable results that you can act on”.

21 Twentyfeet tracks all your Twitter stats from one place. All you have to do is aggregate all your stats and they will notify you by email whenever your attention is needed.

22. Twitalyzer evaluates the activity of any Twitter user and reports on relative influence, signal-to-noise ratio, generosity, velocity, Klout, and other useful measures of success in social media.

23. Backtweets is a useful tool if you want to know who is sending people back to your website.  Simply enter the keywords in the search bar, and you will see all the tweets that link back to your site. And the best part is that URLs are found no matter the form they were tweeted in, whether they were full URL links or shortened URLs.

24. Foller.me gives you rich insights into any public Twitter profile, with near real-time data about topics, mentions, hashtags, followers, location and more. It’s a great tool to find out not only how you are getting along on Twitter, but also your competition.

25. CrowdBooster is a great tool that allows you to receive targeted recommendations, insights about each message, follower and fan growth over time and deep audience insights. You can also view your Twitter account from the same, centralised place.

26. Bottlenose is a helpful tool that provides you with live social intelligence by analysing activity across all the major social networks. You can use it to search, monitor, analyse, target and engage in real-time – all from one place.

27.  Rivaliq is a fabulous tool that allows you to track and compare key metrics like social engagement, keeping taps on what your competitors are saying and sharing.  It has a host of very cool features helping you stay one-step ahead and learn from your competition.

28.  Buzzsumo is a very simple tool that analyses which content performs best for any topic or your competitors.  It also helps you to find key influencers to promote your content.

29.  Tweetchup is a free tool that enables you to analyze your connections on Twitter, any user on Twitter and keywords/hashtags.  You can also use it on any mobile device.

30.  Sumall is a useful free tool that analyses everything from social media, emails, ads, payments and e-commerce data.  You can receive your data in your inbox and customise how often you receive it.

Get more engagement

31. InboxQ is a fantastic tool to help you establish new relationships, get relevant followers and engage with more people.  It works by finding questions on Twitter matching the keywords you choose. This way you can start a conversation with someone that is interested in the same thing you are. You can also add the InboxQ app to your Hootsuite account.

32. Tweriod is a simple tool that has a very specific feature. It analyses your tweets and your follower’s tweets in order to find out when your followers are online. This way, you will know when the best time to tweet is and are therefore more likely to reach your followers.

33.  Flawk is a very cool tool that allows instant engagement between you and your audience. It lets you host Twitter Q&A’s as well as allowing followers to vote for the best questions to be answered.  You can also add live video or music to any of your events.

Finding Followers

34. NearbyTweets finds out who is talking near you, literally! Type in a keyword, and find out who is tweeting in your town using that keyword. A great way to monitor real-time buzz and for building new relationships!

35. TweetArchivist allows you to find, analyse and archive tweets.  You can create archives of tweets and then analyse them through visualisations via volume over time, top users, top Urls, top words, language, source of tweet, user mentions, hashtags and media.

Cool Tools

36. Triberr is another one of my favourite sites and perfect for bloggers who want “more eyeballs on your content”. I’m a massive fan of Triberr, which is a content distribution network for bloggers that gives them a platform to group into tribes. From there, Triberr makes it fun and easy for tribe-mates to share each other’s blog content via their Twitter.  Triberr is not only a fantastic way to generate more traffic but also a good way to network with other like-minded people.

37.  With the addition of Twitter advertising it’s no surprise that there will be more tools available to help manage them.  Meetsoda is a simple and intuitive way to run your Twitter advertising campaigns.  Although currently in Beta it looks very promising.

38. GroupTweet is the perfect tool if you have more than one contributor to your Twitter account. No matter how many people in your team, anyone can tweet from the same account. Contributors’ names can be hidden or shown at the beginning/end of each Tweet and they can login to the group’s private dashboard, or from their personal Twitter accounts.

39. ClicktoTweet makes your website’s content more shareable on Twitter. Write a preloaded tweet and then ClicktoTweet will generate a customised link that when clicked on by a visitor, it will be automatically added to their Twitter status box. It’s similar to a Retweet button, but it does more than simply advertise your blog title.

40. TweetChat is a great way to monitor and chat about one topic at a time, and stop the rest of the Twittersphere from getting in your way!  Simply type in the hashtag that you want to follow and then talk to people in real-time. I love using this tool when I want to have a conversation; it works particularly well if there are lots of people joining the conversation.  They also have a feature called “smart pausing” which allows you to pause refreshing the page so you can keep up, and “user control” which allows you to block spammers and feature only the people you like.

41. TwitLonger is simply when you need more than 140 characters to express yourself! Write what you want and then a link to what you said will be automatically posted to your Twitter account.

42. Twitcam is useful if you’re using videos as part of your marketing.  You can use this tool to broadcast any video live – simply connect your webcam, login with Twitter and click the broadcast button. Twitcam will then post your video description and link to your Twitter account so that all your followers can see. You can also chat with viewers while broadcasting via twitter, right from the broadcast page. And once you are done, don’t worry about losing the video – it will be automatically archived by Twitcam.

43. TweetyMail lets you tweet via email, send and reply to Twitter DMs, follow users – all from your email.  You can also use it to create custom email alerts for tweets, mentions etc. and receive powerful and detailed notifications for new followers and DMs.

44. TweetOldPost is a WordPress plugin that allows you to tweet about your old posts so you can get more traffic for them and keep them alive in the twittersphere.

45. Twtvite is a fantastic tool to create events and groups on Twitter. You can use it to send invitations and sell tickets, create guest lists, nametags and even to take a post-event survey!

46.  Fliplingo is a platform that allows you to Tweet globally.  You can tweet in any language, reply, mention and automate translations.   They currently offer translations in over 30 languages.

47.  TwtBizCard lets you exchange contact information on Twitter using a #hashtag.  It allows you to showcase your other Social Networks too.

48.  Twtpoll is a helpful tool that allows you to create Twitter surveys.  You have the choice of either a #hashtag survey, one question or multiple questions.  Only one vote per Twitter user is allowed.

49.  TwtQpon allows you to create Twitter coupons.  You can either pay per promotion or join their monthly plan.

50.  Twittonary is a Twitter dictionary that explains various Twitter related words.  You can search the Twitter dictionary by entering a single word or click on letters of the alphabet.

51.  TweetMyPC is a software application for Windows.  It allows you to control and access your computer from anywhere simply by sending a Twitter message with a special command.

52.  Tweetcube allows you to share files on Twitter – from images, videos to music.

53.  For you budding artists, Twitdraw is a fun tool.  Simply draw a picture and post it to Twitter.   Very simple to use, albeit the functionality is a little basic.

Relationship Management

54. Shoutlet is social relationship platform, which is dedicated to enterprise.  One of their key differentiators is the ability to integrate individuals’ social profiles from multiple networks and external CRM data into one. This enables marketers to have deeper understanding over who their customers are for improved segmentation and targeted campaigns. It also allows brands to publish, engage, manage social customer service and measure social marketing all the way through to conversion.

55. Commun.it is one of the best free relationship management tools. You can manage your Twitter relationships from one place and find out who your top influencers, supporters and potential customers are. It’s a great tool that will help you get the most out of each and every 140 characters you tweet and will help you build relevant connections and relationships!

56. SocialBro is a great tool that helps you understand your Twitter followers better. You can use it to take group actions when managing your contacts (which helps save a lot of time!), and to understand your followers: find out who your influencers are, get rich profiles of each of your followers, and you can also see when your followers are online, so you’ll improve your reach!

57.  SocialRank is a useful tool that helps you identify, organise and manage your followers on Twitter.  It has a good selection of filters for sorting and allows you to save lists too.

58. Contax.io is a free contact management tool for Twitter.  It will track your followers and friends and provide you with all the details you need to decide whether to follow back. You can use it to manage relevant, real-time relationship data for your personal and business accounts.

59. FollowerWonk is a helpful way to get a better understanding of your followers. Find out who they are, where they are and when they tweet, find out who the influencers are in your niche and compare your social graphs to others.

60. MentionMapp lets you explore your Twitter network in a very innovative and interactive way. Find out who interacts the most, what people are talking about, find interesting and relevant people to follow, and much more.

61. ManageFlitter is another one of my favorite tools that I use to tidy up my Twitter account.  It has a useful feature to find out which of your followers are active/not active.  Not only does it have the ability to unfollow people, but you can also find out the best time to post.

62. Refollow is a useful tool that allows you to sort all of your followers with different measures: see who hasn’t tweeted for up to 90 days, who never tweets, and who who is talking about you

63. TweetPsych has the ability to create a psychological profile of any public Twitter user and compare it to others in its database. It uses linguistic analysis algorithms on the last 1000 tweets to identify traits that are used more or less frequently by the analysed user. Quite an interesting tool that helps you understand your followers better.

64. WhoUnfollowedMe is a simple tool to see who isn’t following you back and who you aren’t following back.

65. FriendorFollow allows you to see who has unfollowed you on Twitter, who is not following you back, who you aren’t following back and also who your friends are.

66. Twitblock is a great tool that will help you find out if your followers are truly fans or just spammers. You can easily block or report any spam accounts from here.

67.  Sentiment140 helps you discover the sentiment of a brand, product or topic on Twitter.


68.  Webfluenz is a very powerful all in one tool that is very simple and intuitive to use.  It allows you to measure, analyse, engage and manage your social media in real time.  They also provide reports and sentiment tagging as well as a plethora of other features and solutions.

69.  UberVu is a useful tool, which provides brands instant insights by analysing millions of social media mentions.  You can use it to learn more about your customer’s social space, observe key conversations and connect with customers. 

70. Sysomos is a fabulous tool that provides social media monitoring and analytics solutions.  They offer a real time monitoring dashboard, analytics and insights (including sentiment, demographics and influencers), engagement and management of all your social profiles, not just Twitter.

71.  Meltwater Buzz provides a comprehensive package of social media management, monitoring and engagement tools.  It’s very simply to use and their modules are designed to make it clear what they do: Listen, Engage and Connect.  It’s a great tool that can be used across all your social media networks.

72. SocialMention is similar to Google Alerts, only it is for social media only. Get real time social media search and analysis alerts about your brand, company or anything else that might be relevant to your business.

73. TweetBeep sends you an update every time someone mentions you or your product or company.  You can choose how often to receive the updates, either hourly or as and when they happen.

74. RetweetRank measures and tracks your retweets. Simply enter your username (or someone else’s) in the search bar to see how you rank. It will then look up your recent retweets, number of followers, friends and lists, compare these numbers with other users’ and then assign you a rank. It’s a great way to find out how you stack up against the competition.

75. SocialPointer is a free real-time monitoring tool. It allows you not only to monitor your brand, but also to respond and engage in real time with other Twitter users.

76. NutshellMail tracks your brand’s social media activity and emails you a summary of your activity.

77. BrandChirp is a good brand management tool for Twitter. You can use it to effectively monitor and manage all brand activity. It also has a “target follow” feature that can help you reach a bigger audience and establish new connections.

78. SharedCount tracks URL shares, likes, tweets, and more. Enter a website address in the search bar and you will find out how many people have shared your URL on different social media platforms.

79. SocialMotus lets you manage, schedule and publish posts, monitor and engage and also to analyse and measure your performance.

80.  Mention allows you to “never miss a thing online”.  It monitors in real time allowing you to react within seconds.  You can analyse your data by tonality, source and language.

BONUS ENTRY! Shared Counter is a social media counts checker, which gets the social count from popular social networks. This tool fetches the count from Facebook, Google +, Linkedin, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Buffer and Delicious.

News/Content Curation

81. Scoop.it works by connecting with your Twitter or Facebook account.  You then simply enter the various different topics you want to follow and can then start “scooping” relevant news by cutting through the noise.

82. Paper.li is your own online newspaper.  You can use it to publish any web content, such as Twitter, Facebook or your blog, into an online newspaper. Paper.li will monitor all of your content sources for you to update your paper automatically. You can also customise your paper, add your logo and branding.

83. Curate.me is a good way to get the best news from your friends and the people you follow straight to your inbox. You can get personalised news based on your interests.

84. Trap.it  is a tool that gets smarter as you use it more. It will discover high quality content and news sources for you, helping you to never miss any article that you might be interested in.

85. Twylah shares your tweets with “awesome looking” websites and widgets. Twylah basically takes your tweets and creates a website out of them. It’s a great tool that will help you get noticed beyond Twitter.

86.  Swayy helps you discover engaging content which you can share with your audience on social media that’s based on their interests and engagement.  They provide you with the relevant #hashtags and Twitter handles.  Swayy also provides analytics to show you which of your content has been the most effective.


87. SocialBuzz can be used to search social networks in real time. Apart from Twitter, it also supports Facebook and Google+. It has several main features: search using multiple keywords, exact keywords and minus keywords tool, quick location filtering and search results analytics.  It also provides a three-column layout of the search results.

88.  NeedTagger helps you find customers on Twitter.   It’s an effective tool that allows your keywords to identify people on Twitter that need your products, services, content and advice.  It’s a great way to generate leads!

89. TipTop is a Twitter-based search engine that will help you discover real people that you can engage with, discover people’s emotions about particular topics and everything else that people may be talking about that is related to your search.

90. Twazzup lets you get the news you want out of live Twitter content.

91. Tweepz helps you find interesting, relevant people to follow on Twitter. You can search for Twitter users by city, keyword or names in their bios.

92. Twtrland is a great tool that allows you to search for any name, location or tag from Twitter and let Twtrland visualise the social footprint of your keyword. You can use it to discover new people, get a glimpse of their social impact and find ways to connect and increase your network.

93. Twilert is a web app that will send you email updates of tweets that contain any keyword you want. It’s a great tool for brand monitoring – without the hassle of having to do regular searches on Twitter.

94.  Twicsy is a way to search for pictures.  You can browse and search via top trends, popular pictures, pictures by users and more.

95.  Twinitor is a Twitter search and monitoring service.  You can search any type of information in real time from keywords, phrases, Twitter #hashtags and users.  It also allows you to monitor different keywords.

96.  Topsy is a powerful Twitter search tool that allows marketers to track their brand on Twitter, see how their content is being shared, who is sharing and the sentiment over time.  They also provide analytical tools which track keyword popularity.


97. Hashtagify.me is a free tool that could really help you compose tweets with better hashtags. Simply type in any hashtag you can think of and Hashtagify will show you relevant hashtags around the topic. These hashtags are displayed in different sized bubbles, so you can find out in an interactive way which hashtags are more popular than others.

98. Tagdef helps users understand hashtats better! Simply enter a hashtag in the search bar and this free tool will tell you what it really means.

99.  Ritetag is a very useful hashtag tool that will help you choose the best possible hashtags for your tweets. By adding the RiteTag extension to your web browser, you will be able to schedule your tweet from wherever you are online as well as select the best possible hashtags for your tweet. You will see a list of your top performing hashtags, as well as reports for the density of usage for various hashtags, under RiteTag A.I..

100.  Keyhole is a real time social tracking tool that you can use to track campaign hashtags, keywords and URLs. You can choose to search through Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, one at a time or all together. You’ll be able to see a list of recent posts, the number of posts, as well as reach and impression, top sites, a list of the most influential users and demographics, and also location analytics.

101.  Hashtracking is a powerful hashtag tool that allows for real-time insights into hashtag campaigns. You can get results for tweets and Retweets, reach and impression and contributor lists.  They also provide a free-to-use Hashtag Explorer tool that you can use for quick searches.

Final Thoughts…

It’s been an interesting exercise writing and reviewing the tools for this post.  It’s great to see how current tools have developed and evolved but also sad to see many of the smaller tools disappear or go out of business.

Twitter-BirdIt can be hard for businesses to get an ROI from social media – and in some cases harder for companies to demonstrate it.  There is of course no substitute for real live engagement but using certain tools can really help a business and make a massive difference in getting the results that they want to achieve.

We hope you found this list useful, if you think we have omitted any important tools please do let us know in your comments.  Similarly if you’ve found the post useful we would love it if you could share and leave a comment.  What tools are you currently using?

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  1. Great update Lilach. I love your posts. All of these tools are great but for many folks out there who don’t have time to go through all of them I would recommend checking out Hootsuite, SocialBro, Buffer, Tweriod and ManageFlitter. Or even better I would recommend just 3 that would do all the work: Oktopost (Dashboard & Scheduling, not mentioned within the post), Socedo (engagement tool, not mentioned) and SocialBro.

    • Lilach Says:

      Hi Konrad

      Thanks so much for your great feedback and comment. Hootsuite, Buffer and ManageFlitter are tools we use on a regular basis too!

      Thanks for the heads up of Socedo, haven’t used that before but will certainly try it out 🙂


  2. Steve Cassady ( Says:

    Nice summary of twitter tools. A very useful one I have found is a Chrome Extension by @CrowdRiff called Riffle. It works right in the twitter.com tweetstream, HoostSuite and TweetDeck. It provides key information about the twitter handle right within those platforms. Key metrics like Tweet Metrics, Key Hashtags, Key URL’ls Key Mentions, Top Tools used for Tweeting, and a list of other social sites associated with that Twitter Handle.

    • Lilach Says:

      Hi Steve

      Thanks, appreciate your feedback. Riffle, sounds fantastic, we will certainly be trying it out – appreciate you letting us know about it 🙂

  3. michaelqtodd Says:

    Superb Lilach and a great source of inspiration for The Web Tools Wiki thank you.
    I am big into Hootsuite, Buffer, Empire Avenue for analysing Twitter and for getting shared like Triberr does. I love Tweepi and am getting amazing results with it. Tweetchat gets used each day as does SMQueue.

    Always something to learn and try out right?

    • Lilach Says:

      Thanks Michael, appreciate your comment 🙂

      I must admit I still need to use Empire Avenue properly!

      Love all the other others tools you mentioned too 🙂

  4. I have been wanting to get more active with Twitter and with these tools it will save me tons of time. Thank you for putting together this comprehensive list.

    • Lilach Says:

      Thanks Faith. Now is the perfect time 🙂 I would recommend only starting out with two or three different ones – ultimately you need to have a management dashboard and a measuring/analytical tool so you can see what’s working and how to improve things.

  5. Bill Flitter Says:

    Thanks for including dlvr.it! Great list of tools – some of which I have not tried yet.

    Bill Flitter
    CEO dlvrit

    • Lilach Says:

      Pleasure Bill – dlvr.it is one of our favourites 🙂

  6. Ricky Yean Says:

    Hi Lilach,

    Thanks for putting us on this great list with other amazing tools!

    – Ricky
    CEO, Crowdbooster.com

    • Lilach Says:

      Thanks Ricky, it’s our pleasure. Crowdbooster is a welcome addition and a fantastic tool 🙂

  7. Anamika Says:

    Hi Lilach, Thank you so much for putting up webfluenz (www.webfluenz.com) in this great list!

    • Lilach Says:

      An absolute pleasure, it’s such a great platform and has been very useful for us 🙂

  8. 40deuce Says:

    Thanks so much for including Sysomos in this incredibly comprehensive list, Lilach! We’re honoured that you would recommend us to your readers.

    Sheldon, community manager for Sysomos

    • Lilach Says:

      An absolute pleasure Sheldon. We love using Sysomos tool and get huge value from it (not just for our clients but for us too!).

  9. Hey Lilach, Thanks for including webfluenz in your list. We are glad to know that you have found our system very powerful!

  10. Hey Lilach, Thanks for including webfluenz in your list. We are glad to know that you have found our system to be very powerful!

    • Lilach Says:

      Thanks Rachana, it’s an absolute pleasure. We are truly loving using Webfluenz and getting so much value from it 🙂

  11. Hi Kevan, Great list of social media tools! I’d like to give you one more to check out, SocialSensr. It allows users more control and the ability to monitor, engage, create content and analyze the success of engagement–all in one tool! Again, we are the new kid on the block, so we would love it if you try us out! 🙂

  12. Hi Lilach I am so sorry I started the comment with Kevan. I did everyting a bit to fast. I was responding to a blog post of Kevan Lee from Buffer. Even though thanks for creating this great blog post. I really enjoyed reading it.

    • Lilach Says:

      Ha no problem, I did wonder who Kevan was 😀

      Appreciate you taking the time to comment 🙂

  13. Becks Says:

    Thank you so much for this huge list! most of these I have not heard of but I will be looking into some of them. I use Buffer and Dlvr.it regularly and Twtrland has been valuable to me for sourcing relevant people to follow. Thank you again.

    • Lilach Says:

      Our pleasure Becks 🙂 We use Buffer regularly and love it, their relatively new suggestions feature is a welcome addition too!

  14. Hi Liliach,
    Great job on listing all this tools. I really appreciate you sharing it.

    • Lilach Says:

      Thanks, pleased you found it useful. Do let us know which ones you use and find the most helpful 🙂

  15. Ferg Devins Says:

    …just a great gathering of tools…thanks for this…lots to RT ! cheers…

    • Lilach Says:

      Thanks Ferg – yes lots to test out – let us know which are your favourites too 🙂

      Appreciate the comment and RT!

  16. patrice Says:

    Great list you got in there!

    Here is one I work for http://www.socialdraft.com what makes us different is we Appify Social Media. So if you need Twitter + Facebook we app that.

    • Lilach Says:

      Thanks Patrice, appreciate your comment.

      We haven’t heard of SocialDraft before so thanks for letting us know, will certainly check it out 🙂

  17. TwittFlow Says:

    There is another tools : TwittFlow. Twittflow is a social media software in the cloud that allows you to design your twitter social media flow without development.

    • Lilach Says:

      Thank you, we will definitely check this out. We are planning on creating our 101 Tools for 2015 shortly too!

  18. Tony Says:

    Hi Lilach.

    I created followfly.co which is a social media aggregator that helps surface the best content people put out across their platforms. You can filter Twitter feeds to show only replies, photos, or videos as well. Have a look and let me know what you think!

    • Lilach Says:

      Thanks Tony, sounds very interesting and looking forward to learning more about it. We are planning on updating our Twitter tools list for 2015 so will definitely bear it in mind 🙂

  19. Sam Jackson Says:

    I have found a number of phishing sites which claim to auto follow followers and follow new users,but since u are recommending tweet later ,will definitely try it,hope its not manual and slow like twitterkarma

    • Dan Purvis Says:

      Great – let us know how you get on, Sam! Any tools we missed off that should be a 2016 version?! 😉

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