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20 of the top measuring & analytical tools for 2015

Are you measuring your results online?  Do you know what outcomes are being delivered, or are you merely gathering data? (E.g. measuring traffic, page views and clicks for your website.)  In today’s online world brands need to also interpret the data, and identify and analyse trends in order to understand what it means and why.  Businesses need to be measuring their results to determine how successful their approach has been, and how different elements might be adapted and maintained in the future.

Whatever industry you’re in, if you have an online presence it’s important to fully understand how it’s performing and how well (or not) your competitors are doing. Otherwise you will be unable to improve and be left behind.

20 of the top measuring & analytical tools for 2015There are a plethora of analytical tools available in the marketplace to enable you to do this effectively. But there isn’t a comprehensive tool for sole use that will tell you everything you need to know. By using a combination of tools you will get a full picture of your social media performance with in-depth insight into your customers, your own performance and your competitors. But unsurprisingly there are many different tools in the marketplace (some are free) and it can be a little overwhelming.

Below (in no particular order) are our list of top measuring and analytical tools:

1.  Clicktale

Lots of great features including visitor recordings, campaign tracking, heatmaps, real-time monitoring. It also provides visual conversion paths and why customers abandon your website. You can also improve conversion rates of your online forms from discovering which are left blank, take longest to fill, or even cause them to leave.

2.  CrazyEgg

Enables you to build heat maps and track your visitors every click based on where they are specifically clicking within your website. From this you can identify which parts of your site are most popular, clickworthy, and draw the most attention. Useful scrollmap so you can see how far people scroll down pages and where they abandon.

3.  Lead Forensics

A powerful spy tool that allows you to access real time intelligence about your prospects. Find out when they visited, what they searched for, the pages they viewed and much more. You can also view the name of the company together with the business turnover and their industry.

4.   Simply Measured

A complete social media analytics tool which covers most of the social networks – Twitter, Facebook, Vine, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Google+, Klout and even Google Analytics (with Pinterest soon to join). Their reports are beautiful and very thorough. You can choose to see your reports either in Excel or online, or even export them directly to PowerPoint, and get very in-depth analysis of your online behavior, your followers and fans and much more. We wrote a more detailed review of them here.

5.   muWebfluenz

A very powerful all in one tool that is very simple and intuitive to use.  It allows you to measure, analyse, engage and manage your social media in real time.  They also provide reports and sentiment tagging as well as a plethora of other features and solutions. We wrote a full review of them here.

6.   Hashtagify

A hashtag tool that not only helps you compose and find better hashtags but also helps you analyse and amplify them. Hashtags are displayed in different sized bubbles, so you can find out in an interactive way which hashtags are more popular than others. We wrote a full review of them here.

7.   Canddi

A great spy tool that reveals your website visitors. Find out how leads found you, what they have seen and what’s made them interact or purchase. You can also identify the company name. We wrote a full review of them here.

8.   Improvely

Identify the sources of every sign up or sales you makes on your website. Provides the data whether it’s from organic or paid marketing traffic. Gives key metrics from visits, conversions, cost, CPA, profit etc. Useful click fraud monitoring feature where you can track your ads and monitor for signs of suspicious activity – helps prevent scammers and competitors clicking on your ads!

9.  Compete

Want to know how your competitors are doing in terms of attracting customers to their site or how they are faring against you in terms of traffic? Compete enables you to find out what keywords are sending users both to your website and to your competitors. A very good spying tool where you can see your competitors website analytics.

10. Kissmetrics 

A very useful analytics tool that measures user identities. It tracks every visitor, before and after they become a customer. Helps you understand the journey they took from being a visitor to how they converted into a customer.

11. Bottlenose

A helpful tool that provides you with live social intelligence by analysing activity across all the major social networks. You can use it to search, monitor, analyse, target and engage in real-time. Analyse trending topics, people and emotions.

12. Rivaliq

A fabulous tool that allows you to track and compare key metrics like social engagement, keeping taps on what your competitors are saying and sharing.  It has a host of very cool features helping you stay one-step ahead and learn from your competition.

13. Buzzsumo

A very simple tool that analyses which content performs best for any topic or your competitors.  It also helps you to find key influencers to promote your content.

14. Sumall

Analyses everything from social media, emails, ads, payments and e-commerce data.  You can receive your data in your inbox and customise how often you receive it.

15. UberVu via Hootsuite

Provides brands instant insights by analysing millions of social media mentions.  You can use it to learn more about your customer’s social space, observe key conversations and connect with customers. 

16. Google Analytics

The most common and widely used free analytical tool. It provides rich insights into your website traffic and marketing effectiveness; you can discover where your website visitors are coming from, what they are doing whilst there, and how often they return. There are a host of features, including: automatic updates to notify you of important changes in data patterns; Analyse subsets of your traffic with an interactive segment builder; Flexible customisation – you can get the data you want and present it in the way you want; Track sales and conversions; measure your site engagement goals against your own defined threshold levels; E-commerce tracking; mobile tracking; data export API.

17.  Google Website Optimizer

Google’s free tool allows you to rotate different parts of your website content to identify which sections and placement convert into the most clicks, and ultimately, the most sales. Through this you can find the most optimal content combination as well as increase the effectiveness of your website and boost customer satisfaction.

18.  iPerceptions

A website survey tool which allows business owners to evaluate the online experience, measure customer satisfaction and quickly implement website improvements based on real visitor feedback.

19.  Twitalyzer

A useful Twitter tool that evaluates the activity of any Twitter user and reports on relative influence, signal-to-noise ratio, generosity, velocity, klout, and other useful measures of success in social media.

20.  Facebook Insights

If you are using Facebook to engage with your customers, this free tool is a must. It gives detailed information about your follower counts, likes, comments on posts and much more.

WHERE'S YOUR AUDIENCEWhilst the tools can be invaluable to businesses it’s important that you take the time to understand and decipher what the data means (good, bad or neutral). Consider which bloggers and influencers are the most relevant for you to build relationships with?  Or perhaps key topics that people are talking about, in relation to your brand, product and/or service offerings, and industry. Get in touch here to see how we can help give you the insight you need to stay ahead of the competition.

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Dan Purvis

Head of Integrated Marketing Communications at Fintrax Group Holdings
Dan Purvis is Head of Integrated Marketing Communications at Fintrax Group Holdings, and is also a Media Champion for the Alzheimer's Society, helping spread awareness and understanding of this cruel disease.

Previously, he was Director at Comms Axis, a full service marketing agency specialising in content, social media & website services for businesses of all sizes.

Dan Purvis writes for a number of leading business, social media and marketing sites, including Smart Insights, MarketingProfs, Marketo, MarTech Advisor, Marketing Tech News, MarTech Today, MarTech Exec, and more.

Dan was also ranked by Brand Republic as one of the Top 50 UK Marketing & Social Media influencers.
Dan Purvis
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  1. Would be awesome to include here also Brand24 – easy to use and cost effective tool 🙂

    • Lilach Says:

      Thanks Martyna, will certainly check out Brand24 when we update the post for next year!

  2. Tom Says:

    Hi Lilach – you could also include XOVI in this list. They also include a cool social media monitoring tool as part of their all-in-one tool. Comes in very handy! http://www.xovi.com

    • Lilach Says:

      Thanks Tom. We’re actually in talks with XOVI and will be doing a very detailed product review with them 🙂

  3. Thank you for sharing so many helpful tools to use. Specifically, you talk about how if you use a hashtag tool, you will be able to analyze and amplify searches and trends a lot more effectively, and I completely agree. Plus, I think that this would help you target specific audiences, too, which could help with business’ marketing and online presence, too. Thank you for sharing!

  4. lucio abi Says:

    hi lilach,
    thanks for your vivid analysis and explanation on the above named measuring tools and their application, would love to know when the update for 2016 will be released.

    • Dan Purvis Says:

      Hi Lucio – we’ll be doing another iteration of this in 2017!

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