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21 #tips for your @LinkedIn Company Page

Last week, we provided 21 tips for optimising your LinkedIn profile to help you increase both the volume and quality of your connections and engagements, and improve your personal profile. But what about your LinkedIn Company Page? Do you have one for your brand? Do you even need one?


LinkedIn Company Page – a no-brainer

Well, the answer to the last question is an emphatic: “Yes!” Unless, that is, you don’t care how LinkedIn is fast becoming one of the most effective social networks for not just driving traffic to your site, but quality traffic.


There are over four million LinkedIn Company Pages, with many more being created all the time. Creating and maintaining your own LinkedIn Company Page has multiple benefits – from informing (and engaging with) followers of you brand’s news, events, thought leadership opinions and so on, to enhanced SEO due to LinkedIn Company Pages ranking well in search engines.

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And, of course, social selling can be improved significantly with leads being generated as a direct result of your brand’s content marketing and engagement activities. So don’t get left behind.


We’ve therefore compiled this list of 21 tips to help you improve, maintain and even create your Company Page.


1.  No personal LinkedIn? No Company Page

Just like with Facebook, you must have a personal LinkedIn profile before you can create a Company Page. So what are you waiting for? Go and read our 21 tips on LinkedIn profiles and get yours set up if you haven’t already!!


2.  Complete your profile

Sounds obvious, right? You’d be surprised at how often we see a LinkedIn Company Page that doesn’t have their website URL inserted, or their size, industry sector and location included. Don’t cut corners – fill it out.


3.  Showcase your brand

The Home tab is just like your “About Us” section on your website so be sure to succinctly describe who you are, what you do, why you’re different, what services / products you provide, and your areas of expertise.


4.  Don’t forget about SEO

A LinkedIn Company Page is SEO-friendly, so treat them as such with the right content. For example, Google previews just over 150 characters of your page’s text so make sure that your brand description is heavily tailored to be concise and impactful, and also includes the right keywords.


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Make sure you have a tab on your Company Page that is devoted to your services / products – you can use this page to provide more context and detail, as well as link directly to each service or product page on your website and / or landing pages too.


6.  Careers tab

For larger brands it is a no-brainer to have a Careers tab. If you have several positions to fill, perhaps put the spotlight on three key roles with links through to your Careers section on your site. For smaller brands with immediate positions to fill, then consider creating a Careers tab to promote the positions until the posts are filled, and then hiding it once you’ve hired the right candidates.


7.  Picture perfect

It’s a bit obvious to say ‘use your logo’ (or at least your branding!) in the Page profile image, but what about the banner image? Use something distinctive and eye-catching, and change it every few weeks or so to prevent it losing its impact.


8.  Cross-promote

This is a good tip for all social networks. Include a Follow button on your company’s website and within your standard company email signature templates, and put it on your business cards, and anywhere else that is relevant. And don’t be shy – use your personal profile to ask your connections to follow your LinkedIn Company Page.


9.  Showcase Page

This is a must-do. It can include any type of specialised content that you want to promote and draw attention to. Whether that is a sub-brand, or a specific division or business unit. Perhaps you want to showcase your customer portfolio with anything from logos of your customers to case studies and / or testimonials? Perhaps you are running a campaign or launching a new product – if so, then utilise this tab.


10.  To FAQ or not to FAQ?

There is the option of creating a Company Page FAQ, which is worth considering. It could be a classic FAQ, or instead you could use it as a Call To Action (or series of CTAs) by answering a series of questions that address the different challenges you solve.


11.  So you’ve optimised your Company Page…now what?

Well, what are your goals? To drive traffic to your site? To build engagement? To generate leads? To position your brand and its spokespeople as subject matter experts and thought leaders? If you haven’t done so already, now is the time to define your objectives and create a mini-strategy specifically for LinkedIn.


12.  More than words

Visual content is vital for modern marketing. Make sure you are not just posting words and links. Regularly use images and pictures to make your Page visually interesting to your followers.


13.  Mix it up with some motion

As we learned in our last post on video marketing trends for 2015, video provides the best ROI for 51.9% of marketers who use video as part of their marketing mix. You don’t need to have a professionally produced “real” video, so don’t worry! Share third-party videos, create an animated video, experiment with short-form video (think: Vine and Instagram), or record your presence at a tradeshow or an interview with a happy customer.


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Snappy updates with a simple title and an interesting and relevant image spark more clickthroughs, likes and comments than long-winded, plain text. Make it quick and easy for the reader to digest.


15.  Remember your Ps & Qs

If someone comments on an update, you must be sure to reply to them promptly and show that you care about your readers. Feel free to Like their comment(s) too. Try asking them a related question in response to spark a dialogue – not every time you reply to a comment though…cherry-pick who you do this with.


16.  Tailor and target

Take advantage of LinkedIn’s targeted updates by tailoring your message for specific audiences. While creating an update, you can opt to share it with “All Followers” or to a “Targeted Audience”. Clicking on the latter provides multiple options, from company size to industry sector, from seniority to geography and even language. Targeted engagement on any network is a lot more effective than simply broadcasting your update to all!


17.  Experiment with Sponsored Updates

On its own, however, targeting may not be enough for some brands. If you want to ensure that your content is delivered to the right audience (and not just restricted to your followers) but are concerned that social advertising is too intrusive, then LinkedIn Sponsored Updates could be your answer. It will help amplify the reach of your content and potentially help generate leads.


18.  Don’t ask, don’t get

If you want to gain some insight into your followers while also driving some engagement, try creating updates that ask their opinion on a challenge they’re faced with. Or ask them for advice and feedback. Then act upon this information.


19.  Be regular

As with all content marketing and engagement initiatives, a little-but-often is more effective than all-at-once or nothing-at-all. And don’t worry about creating a new piece of content every day or several times a day – you need to mix it up. Share relevant and interesting third-party news or articles. Keep an eye on your customers’ blogs and share their content. There is so much content out there that you should never struggle to find something interesting to post.


20.  Notify your employees

As discussed within our popular and debate-provoking post on how and why companies should bring their employees along on the digital journey, you should advise your employees that you have a Company Page, share the link with them, ask them to follow if they want to, and tell them to feel free to comment or like anything that they find of interest. But do not pressure or force them to do so or it won’t be authentic.


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Ensure that you task your Company Page administrators with monitoring and reporting on progress on a monthly, if not weekly, basis. The analytics provided by LinkedIn can be invaluable in learning how to adapt, evolve and refine your strategy. Such data uncovers trends beyond the usual impressions, interactions, reach and engagement / interactions. It also highlights the percentage of your audience that is engaging with you, and how many clicks on your content, company name and logo were sparked as a result.


When we initially discussed this list at Comms Axis, we thought we may struggle to come up with 21 useful tips…but the reality is that we could easily have come up with 51!! How are you progressing with your LinkedIn Company Page? Is engagement good enough, and do you get clickthroughs to your site? And if you’ve experimented with LinkedIn Sponsored Updates, then do please let us know with a comment because it seems to be gaining in popularity.

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  1. Dan, useful set of tips, but there are two duff tips in there.

    (6) Company pages do not have the option of adding Products and Services – this feature was removed some months ago by LinkedIn. This was a really useful feature with a way of segmenting content to different audiences, but they pulled the plug.

    And (10) there is no FAQ option – what you see on any given company page you own is a set of FAQs about company pages on LinkedIn. There is no option to add your own FAQs.

    • Dan Purvis Says:

      Shucks…thank you for pointing these out – pretty disappointed with myself for these two erroneous tips…hopefully the rest are useful. At least it proves you read the post through and know how to optimise LinkedIn 🙂

    • Jessica Walter Says:

      I completely agree with you, there is no Product and Services option for company page. It was really very helpful, as we can share company video, which plays an important while promoting the business.

  2. Bertil Says:

    I have a problem
    A company i work with have many corporate pages. One for the group and one for a countries. The companies offer is global. the company is just 70 employees. Its hard for them to have both sides updated.

    What is the best strategy regarding corporate pages on LinkedIn?

    I can see a clear benefit from a brand and commodification perspective to just have one. And this is OK when you have a global brand with the same offer on all markets.

    But at the same time a can see competitors that have many country pages and a group page.

    Can any one advice in this matter?

    • Dan Purvis Says:

      Hi Bertil – great question, thanks!

      The answer to this all depends on what resources (people and time) you have available.

      If the offering is consistent across multiple territories, and if resourcing is squeezed, then our recommendation would be to have just the one corporate page to direct people too – lots of benefits of doing this (beyond simply resourcing), and we’d be happy to have a chat to see what your specific needs are and if we could help you overcome them.

      Thanks again

  3. LinkedIn is the best platform for all business people in-order to communicate with potential clients and customers. For that all entrepreneurs need LinkedIn Company Page. Here you explained the easy way to create, improve and maintain the Linked in company page. Thanks for sharing this.

    • Dan Purvis Says:

      Thanks for your comment, Amitash – glad you liked the post and advice!

  4. Rosemary Says:

    Hi, is there any way to hide the followers of our Company LinkedIn page? Our sales reps are concerned about the competitors seeing our followers list as many of them are customers. thanks

    • Dan Purvis Says:

      Hi Rosemary – good Q!

      I don’t believe there is a way, however this means that your sales guys can always do the same with your competitors to cherry pick targets from their Company Page’s followers.

      Hope that helps

  5. Chris Bourne Says:

    Some great information here.

    Is is possible to add peoples names and company names so the y ‘highlight’ and become a link similar to facebook in a post whe you would for example type ‘@John Simth from @IBM’ ?

  6. Louise Says:

    When I press to follow a company as my company page, they appear under my personal profile. I am never sure who I am trying to follow as, mainly as my picture is always there! Is there a foolproof way of knowing you are trying to follow as you company?

    • Dan Purvis Says:

      Hi Louise – great question!

      It is not possible to follow/like another Company Page on LinkedIn unlike on, for example, Facebook and Twitter. It’s quite annoying really…!

      If you’d like a chat about it, then just let me know!


  7. It’s a pity you don’t have a donate button! I’d certainly donate to this fantastic blog!
    I suppose for now i’ll settle for bookmarking and adding your RSS feed to my
    Google account. I look forward to new updates and will share this blog with my Facebook group.
    Talk soon!

    • Dan Purvis Says:

      Haha thank you! Really appreciate the feedback – keep the comments coming!

      What is your Facebook Group? We’d happily join it 🙂


  8. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about LinkedIn Company Page.

  9. A well-wisher Says:

    Dan, thanks for the useful article. I’m a genuine reader – I’m not sure some of your commenters are though, e.g. Amitash, “commercial lawn maintenance” and “official website” – I think they’re just using your comments function to build links for SEO.

    • Dan Purvis Says:

      Thanks, Trevor – really appreciate it.

      You are right, of course, but I don’t mind unless there is something unsavoury, gobbledygook, or just wrong…!

      The value they’d get from link building via comments is extremely minimal and if they are relying on that ahead of “correct” ways of boosting SEO, then they need all the help they can get!! 😀

      Take care, and keep reading!!

  10. Stacey Jones Says:

    Hi Dan,

    Thanks for sharing these tips and also thank you for letting us know how to use LinkedIn for our business and how it can be very helpful for our business to gain more trust and value.

    • Dan Purvis Says:

      No problem at all, Stacey, and thanks for the comment! Good luck – do let us know if you need any advice or help 🙂

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