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5 Essential SEO Tools Every SEO Should Use

Search engine optimisation, or SEO for short, refers to various methods and practices used to reach and maintain a top position in the search results, get valuable information regarding customers and use that information to further improve advertising efforts and, in turn, drive revenue. A properly executed SEO campaign levels the playing field between small businesses with limited marketing budgets and large companies who spend millions of dollars per year on advertising.  And this is where knowing which essential SEO tools to use comes into play.

5 Essential SEO Tools Every SEO Should Use Comms Axis post feature image_With SEO, there is no single tool capable of fulfilling every optimisation need. This post by Blake Davies highlights 5 essential SEO tools you must use today!

When it comes to SEO, there is no single tool capable of fulfilling every optimisation need. Instead, advertisers have to rely on a number of different tools in order to accomplish this task. The best tools not only save valuable time but also provide businesses with various insights about their customers, search engines, and their websites. They allow business owners to improve their website experience and increase the overall user satisfaction, resulting in a boost in traffic, better conversion rates, and higher revenues.


That said, here are five essential SEO tools every business should use to improve their SEO efforts.


5 Essential SEO Tools

5 Essential SEO Tools Every SEO Should UseClick To Tweet


1. Advanced Web Ranking

There are numerous tools you can use to check for keyword ranking in the search engines. The problem is that most of them are actually a rather big disappointment, and in some cases, a waste of time and resources. However, Advanced Web Ranking is a nifty little tool that automatically checks Google for keyword position, sorts those findings into a comprehensive report and sends it to users via e-mail.

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This tool can inspect thousands of search engines for keyword and their ranking positions and you can even use it to check both your and your competitor’s Alexa and PageRank stats. It offers a 30-day free trial; after which you have to choose one out of four currently available purchasing options.

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2. Clicky Web Analytics

Google Analytics is probably one of the best tools you can use to check various website data. However, its control panel is not as intuitive and as easy-to-use as it should be, considering a number of resources Google allocates for the development of such tools. This is where Clicky Web Analytics comes into play.

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This simple tool offers an instantly accessible control panel and allows users to see who is browsing their website at that exact moment, find out where the traffic is actually coming from and provides a significantly more accurate outbound tracking of visitors. The free version excellent for small businesses who have less than 3000 unique page impression per day.

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3. SEMrush

SEMrush is a tool used for keywords research. It allows users to check for the most popular keywords in a specific niche, find related keywords, terms, and phrases you might want to incorporate into your link building strategy and provides a list of top ranking websites currently competing for those specific keywords.

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You can also it to check for the average click rate for different keywords and check how competitive that keyword is in AdWords. The report includes information such as organic traffic data, competitor density, cost per click and a monthly search volume distribution for individual keywords.

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4. Link Prospector

Link Prospector allows users to search through blogs, directories, forums, guest posts and pages that provide the best link building opportunities. Just be careful, this tool is very powerful and you can easily get yourself buried in link-related data unless you adequately focus your search.

4_Link Prospector_5 Essential SEO Tools Every SEO Should Use Comms Axis post image 4

On the other hand, when used properly it can save hours of hard work you would normally waste on manually scouring the internet for link prospects. Just be prepared to spend some time sorting through the data using an Excel spreadsheet.

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5. Website Auditor

Website Auditor is ideal for checking and evaluating links you have on your website. Checking for dead links is an essential part of proper website maintenance and this tool excels at that task. Additionally, you can use it to check for pages with the least links, those with the most links, as well as those featuring external links.

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Website Auditor can also be used to check for HTML and server response errors, 404s, duplicate content and issues with title and meta descriptions.

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Without an adequate SEO strategy, generating enough traffic to keep your business afloat is not only difficult but next to impossible. And it is by no means a simple task to accomplish, as SEO encompasses a variety of different techniques and practices, some of which are fairly simple to execute, while others require some concrete optimisation knowledge. This list is far from complete, but it does cover some of the most useful SEO tools currently available online.


About the author, Blake Davies

Blake Davies is the Editor at Media Gurus and has also contributed to several other online media outlets such as datafloq.com, e27.co, gameskinny.com, crowdreviews.com, and others.

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