We deliver brand awareness, traffic and leads by bringing content, marketing and sales together. Working with starts-ups, SMEs and global enterprises, we are a full-service and cost-effective marketing agency with a difference.


We connect the dots from your brand to your audience by taking a holistic view that puts your business and sales goals front-and-centre.


A Different Approach

At Comms Axis, we’re not afraid to be different – our structure turns the agency model on its head.


Our Business Hubs drive our agency forward, they drive our clients forward, and they drive all your campaigns forward, whether small or large.


They provide the service and value that clients should receive as standard, but are ignored by many agencies. They build awareness, drive engagements that matter, and generate leads.


The Business Hubs are our DNA – the axis around which everything else revolves as it gathers momentum.


At Comms Axis, we deliver business value by focusing on growing your business through a seamless Customer Journey that generates leads and sales.


We believe that the customer always comes first – that means you and your customers. We are The Customer Engagement Agency. We bring content, marketing and sales together.


Our Values

Fundamental to our full-service marketing agency are our beliefs, in both ethical business and our passion to make a difference, beyond the daily grind of commercial decisions.


Our unique Business Hubs enable us to collaborate with all our clients to formulate the right stories, so that we deliver the right messages to the right audiences at the right times.


And this storytelling lies at the root of our marketing, social media, PR and communications strategies.


This means we you can treat us as an extension of your team and of your business.


Through the Comms Axis Business Hubs and Our Services, we bring content, marketing and sales together. We are The Customer Engagement Agency.


So, what do we value?


Digital Intelligence

If you’ve read our Digital Intelligence page then you understand that this is a given!




We crave new things and make sure we’re on top of all the latest trends. We also make awesome branded cupcakes and muffins.




We love doing what we do and we love doing it for you, no matter how big or how small. Our professional pride means we strive for excellence. Above all, we care.




Winning can only happen as a result of a strong, united team. We’re that team. We’re your team.




As our web copy shows, Comms Axis has a fun, vibrant and savvy personality. Our people do too – we’re not corporate robotniks, but people who engage and connect with our clients and our work.




We think big and want to work on big creative ideas and big projects. Test us – we’ll rise to the challenge.


A lot of our competitors will use the About Us page to wax lyrical about why they’re great and why they the only choice for you. We prefer to let our work do our talking for us. So instead, below are some key elements that we think matter most to you and your business.


Of course, you can also visit our Clients / Testimonials page too!