Your virtual CMO


At Comms Axis, we are proud of consistently delivering Added Value Consultancy as part of your extended team by working in close collaboration with you every step of the way.

Our strategic approach and deep industry knowledge and expertise mean we know what will generate you sales leads.


What will drive traffic to your site. What will create quality (beyond quantity) engagements. What will build lasting and growing communities. What will monetise your digital footprint.


What’s more, to make our collaboration with you even more effective, we also provide an increasingly popular service – contracting our Director, Dan Purvis, to work “in-house” at your business.


You therefore get a completely hands-on approach from a highly experienced senior marketing expert who will piece your sales and marketing jigsaw together.


Dan Purvis has been agency-side and in-house throughout his 16-year career. He was even asked to provide consultancy by the London School of Economics for their ongoing research into “Semantic Polling” – essentially, comparing digital with traditional methods of communication and monitoring/reporting, and evaluating their value to modern society.


He’s been Director of Global PR and Social Media at a $100 million turnover SaaS company, which specialised in media and social media monitoring, analysis and engagement.


He’s also headed up Marketing & Communications for a $5 billion turnover managed services and consulting business. It’s just a shame he supports Man United.


Whether you want a long-term strategy, day-to-day execution, or ad hoc project work, get in touch with us today for a no obligation consultation and tailored proposal.

All we ask is that you don’t fall into the all-too common trap of going for quick hits and unachievable results. Darwin would be ashamed of you.

It’s about evolving: “adapt to survive and conquer or be left behind as your competitors move on”.


That’s why we turned the agency model on its head with our Business Hubs and consultative approach.


We connect the dots from your brand to your audience by taking a holistic view that puts your business and sales goals front-and-centre.


We are The Customer Engagement Agency. We bring content, marketing and sales together.