Converting your audience into customers


The world has changed. Not simply the business world, but the world in general is developing at a speed that no one could have predicted. And this is intrinsically linked to digital. Billions of people are online every second of the day. A huge percentage of them are there to do business or are looking for services, products or an online experience to remember.


60% of the Forbes Global 2000 will have doubled their productivity by 2020, due to digitally transforming many of their processes from human-based to software-based delivery. If the most successful and influential companies in the world are pushing for a digital future, all other businesses should take note.


This digital transformation cannot be ignored; it must be embraced. Digital transformation is a brand’s route to its potential market and is an effective way of penetrating and succeeding in every area of business, as well as every aspect of modern life.


Businesses approaching their digital transformation have to be prepared to revolutionise their approach to reaching and connecting with their customers and their employees.


Although The Customer Journey embraces many of the traditional principles of attracting, nurturing and converting customers, the Customer Journey is now digital. Embrace this or be left behind by the competition.

Digital transformation gives businesses the opportunity to be in constant, real-time contact with the customer. And social media has become an integral to this marketing and sales process.


It is imperative, therefore, that a customer’s social journey with a company is memorable, engaging, adds value, and is designed to build long-term relationships, trust and advocacy.


However, social media is not the answer on its own. Sales and Marketing must work together to create a highly effective and efficient sales pipeline process. This is how we at Comms Axis see this sales process working.