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Why your Business Needs to Archive Text Messages (infographic)

Business nowadays – whether they are big corporations or small ventures – are investing in various technologies and systems to augment their processes and reach their goals faster and more efficiently. However, many of them are missing out on a key feature that is a must-have for any company: a text message archiver. This post and infographic show you why your business needs to archive text messages in order to ensure regulatory compliance!

Why brands needs to archive text messages feature image for infographic on Comms Axis blog by TeleMessage_Check out this infographic by TeleMessage in Dan Purvis' latest post for why your brand needs to archive text messages to ensure regulatory compliance!

Like its name suggests, an archiver collects all forms of digital messaging and then stores it in a cloud-based server for later perusal and use. It may be a bit of a stretch to think that this tool can be highly important and useful for your business (not to mention the potential complaint on “privacy”), but trust us when we say that it is a highly-underestimated tool than can be vital for your business when the situation calls for it.


Why Brands Need to Archive Text Messages

The most obvious reason to get a text message archiver has to do with your company’s security, confidentiality, and reputation. An archiver is your assurance that the company’s privacy is in check and nothing goes out without a receipt or trace. It allows business owners to keep track of transactions made, conversations that go on between the company and its connections, and updates on the various ongoings within the company. Even if you are simply sending notifications or updates as part of a marketing campaign.


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It is also crucial in the event that you must present text-based evidence to court when your business is involved in certain cases – whether as a plaintiff, defendant, or a third-party/witness. The presence of a text message archiver may be the saving grace in a lawsuit, should it come to that.


A text message archiver is also highly important nowadays due to the prevalence of mobile phone usage anywhere and everywhere – even in the office. Texting, chat apps, and smartphones are now looking to be a mainstay within companies and their processes, so it is essential that these, too, should be equipped properly to help the business by maintaining and producing different types of data without needing to augment on-premise IT capabilities.


Learn more about all the reasons why your organization’s text messages need to get archived with the below infographic by TeleMessage.


Archive Text Messages – the low down in an infographic

Top-Reasons-Why-Your-Business-Needs-to-Archive-Text-Messages_Check out this infographic by TeleMessage in Dan Purvis' latest post for why your brand needs to archive text messages to ensure regulatory compliance!


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