The life-blood of any brand campaign


Let’s face it – customers and sales are what business is about; we ensure that we put your customers first and tap into your target audience to get results that help you grow your business.


The Customer Sales Hub works hard at understanding your brand’s market, the environment and dynamics, the audiences there, and what the competitors are up to. Because you need to sell to them and take them away from your competitors.


Whether you like that word “sell” or not. That’s the reality of business.


Every day we’re selling. Implicitly and explicitly. Think about it. You want people to come to your kid’s party? The invite is a sales tool. Need a “pub pass” to go out with your mates and leave the family at home? You’ll have to sell that one hard, with plenty of tricky negotiating too!


You want people to read your content? The tweets and so on are storyselling. You want traffic on your website – why? To get them to take action? To hand over an email address? To download a white paper? That’s selling, whether they buy something or not.


So why do so many agencies shy away from sales? Because it is hard to generate leads and sales. The ultimate goal for any marketing, content, social media media or PR campaign should never stop at brand awareness. What is the brand awareness for? To influence purchasing behaviour across a particular target market and audience.


The Customer Journey is an old phrase that relied an old, printed map – remember them?! It has been utterly transformed to now be digital, measureable, immediate and content-driven journey with numerous customer touchpoints.


The new digital Customer Journey – storytelling through content marketing across multiple digital platforms – has been catapulted into the digital era. And that’s right at our sweetspot.


Storytelling isn’t enough. It is now storyselling.