Making smart connections


So, working closely with you, your strategy is nailed, the right KPIs are agreed, your story is defined, and the key messages are mapped out…but now what? It’s time to connect your brand with your audiences.


We find out what the triggers are that will influence the buying behaviour of your audience.


This is about smart engagement.


This isn’t about firing out a load of branded content over email or social media – you know, the spray-and-pray that something will work. That got results 7 years ago, maybe 5. It may still “work” for big brands, but the outcomes wouldn’t go beyond the intangible or the vanity metrics.


Our Engagement Hub is constantly keeping an eye on the latest trends and developments, particularly with tools and social media networks, to ensure that we are able to apply our smart engagement methodology quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.


Smart engagement is something we’re incredibly proud of at Comms Axis. It may take us more time internally, but it gets you targeted results faster. It’s common sense but it’s also hard. Perhaps that’s why some other agencies tend to shy away from it – the ones that love to cut corners.


Smart engagement works on the age-old business tenet of “know your customer”. (There we go again – the customer is at the heart of everything we do.) Your audience’s likes and dislikes. Where and how they complain about – or give praise to – a brand. Who the brand advocates are that could be nurtured. What experiences and articles they share. What’s working for your competitors, or not? Where they go and who they turn to when in the decision-making process of whether to buy something or not.


We know what makes them tick and therefore reach out to them directly to help nudge them along the Customer Journey.