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Digital Marketing Lessons from Niche Sectors – Niche Marketing

Digital marketing is a sector which isn’t going to slow down any time soon. From responsive, intelligent design to the age of mobile first, any modern business has to embrace the digital world to remain relevant and profitable. And there are plenty of digital marketing lessons out there for us to learn from, especially from niche sectors – some niches may surprise you!


Digital Marketing Lessons

Digitally transforming your business and building your martech stack have become standard necessities for any business looking to grow and develop effectively. The extent of opportunities that digital marketing affords a business cannot be ignored and absolutely should be embraced.

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Approaching digital marketing from a practical angle and doing it “right” offers your brand the opportunity to deliver measurable and tangible ROI and value. Marketing and sales have become a connected body and with the right tools, technology and strategies, your business will operate more smoothly and efficiently.


This is even true for smaller, niche sectors where it may seem “easier” to find your target customer because they’re so specific. In reality, the same level of attention and focus is necessary. Digital marketing lessons can be learned whatever the niche or sector.


Capturing and Maximising All of Your Digital Marketing Efforts

We, of course, know that digital marketing isn’t a singular activity; it is made up of many different parts. From SEO, which you need to manage effectively and monitor closely, to optimising your website performance.

Digital marketing lessons can be learned whatever the niche or sector. In this latest Comms Axis post, we take a close look at niche marketing in niche sectors_feature image

Social media is, of course, a core element of your digital marketing strategy, with many measurable social stats vital for knowing where to take your campaign next. Of course, content should be at the heart of it all, with your quality, well-produced content absolutely essential to powering your other digital marketing channels and activities.


Balancing your content strategy with your other channels is also a fine balance, as is finding the right kind of content for your audience, with video content still leading the way for most marketers, in terms of ROI.

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Niche Digital Marketing Success

Marketing for niche sectors can require even more creative thinking. Many businesses in niche industries simply aren’t making the most of digital marketing, or aren’t using the best tools for their business.


One niche industry where I have seen considerable success, however, is dentistry. Yes, that’s right: dentistry! It is worth looking more closely at the fascinating ways in which businesses in the dentistry sector are creatively making digital marketing work for them.


Dental Marketing Guy offers a fine example of how to combine both your niche and your marketing strategy. Using the unique term and SEO process of “veloscoping your keywords” it has been possible for dental businesses to see fantastic returns.


With so many fascinating lessons in this niche, I reached out to Justin Morgan (yep, the Dental Marketing Guy himself!) to understand more about his method and approach.  I learned a lot, especially through real-life examples such as positioning Yuma Smiles as specialists in their region.


Back to velscoping, then.  Justin explained that it is part of the wider strategic process known as “The Invisalinks Method”, which allows dental professionals to tap into pre-qualified leads through the use of niche long-tail keywords within their particular niche.

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Digital Marketing Lessons to Supercharge Any Business

Operating in the current climate without a focus on digital marketing is detrimental to any business. It offers so many opportunities to expand and grow your brand, whatever sector you work in. Even the most niche and unusual sectors there is scope to utilise the same effective methods to succeed.

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