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Facebook Video Ads: A High ROI Advertising Channel that Shouldn’t be Ignored [Infographic]

The best marketers out there all agree that Facebook Video ads are very effective, and can create a huge bottom line impact on the best businesses. For example, a client of ours is quickly scaling up his personal development and sales training business based entirely on Facebook video advertising, because it allows him to connect with cold leads and warm them up before they enter his sales funnel.

Why your business can't ignore Facebook Video Ads infographic by Memory Tree

Why are Facebook Video Ads So Effective?

Facebook video advertising can automate relationship building in a non-intrusive manner and turn a completely cold lead into a loyal customer by helping them consume your content through Facebook video ads.


It’s never been harder to convince a cold lead to purchase.  Cold leads are more skeptical than ever and that’s why Pay Per Click with platforms like Google AdWords has become more and more expensive.

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Google AdWords still is a great source of leads, but it’s not a gold mine as it used to be in the past.  Like any other mature marketing channel AdWords requires expertise and careful implementation.


In the past, you could just ask for the sale right away and get it.  It doesn’t work like that anymore.  Asking for a sale right off the bat is met with skepticism.  It’s all about relation building today and multi-touch point marketing.  According to Salesforce it takes 6 to 8 touchpoints to generate a solid sales lead.  This is especially true in the B2B world, where sales are more complex and require much more trust in the vendor.


Enter Facebook… the advertising platform is perfect for multi-touchpoint marketing.

All you need to know about the ROI of Facebook Video Ads; infographic by @Memory_TreeClick To Tweet

How Facebook Video Ads Can Help You Automate Relationship-Building

Your business scan run an awareness building video ad campaign on Facebook that’s educational and interesting, without directly selling them anything.  For example, if you sell a sales training product, you can create a video ad that teaches them “3 Fundamentals of Selling High-Ticket Products and Services”


This does a few things, first it builds trust and authority with the video and actionable insights.  Second, the video is giving them value in advance, which increases the likelihood that they’ll receptive to your offer.  Third, they’re becoming familiar with your brand… and familiarity itself increases the chances they’ll buy from you.


Video advertising on Facebook can be incredibly cheap if it’s a message your audience resounds with.  A client of ours had 1400 people who watched 75% of his 10 minute educational video ad for less than 600$.  If you’re doing a math he paid less than 50 cents per person that watched 7+ minutes of his video ad.


And these are people in a demographic that are highly interested in what he has to teach.

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What we do next is retarget the people who watched more than 50% of the video ad with another video ad, this one is a pitch where we get them to take action on a web class.  These warm leads lap it up and end up on the class, and a good number of them eventually purchase.


With the power of Facebook video ads, you can reach the people you want, offer value in advance and build trust with them, and then retarget the most engaged people with your offer that gets them in your sales funnel.


This can be used in many different industries, and this is what the top digital marketers are doing right now.   It can be wildly profitable, and lead to major growth for your business.

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To get the gist of why Facebook Video Ads are so effective, check out this handy infographic by Memory Tree productions, below. If you want to find out more, then please feel free to contact us or send an email! We’d love to hear your thoughts on how effective Facebook video ads are for you, so do please leave a comment!

Facebook Video Ads: A High ROI Advertising Channel that Shouldn’t be Ignored [Infographic by Memory Tree]

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