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Instant business value through real-time social intelligence: Talkwalker

The ability to listen, analyse and react in time to what’s being said about your brand, customers, competitors and trends is vital in the ever growing digital space.

Brands and businesses alike who don’t will fail to truly understand what’s working (or not) and more importantly won’t be able to improve on them – which therefore makes it much more challenging to achieve an ROI from your online marketing activities.

How can they understand the industry trends or what their competitors are up to? How they truly know their customer and cater for their needs? How can they ensure their customer service is excellent?

Whilst it’s clear that there is huge value in monitoring and measuring your online presence there is so much more involved within the social puzzle!   Having data puts you in a powerful and much stronger position; you are able to discover influential people, engage with the right audience, understand your customers and target them better, and stay one step ahead of your competitors.

Talkwalker post imageAs a result of having the right data (social intelligence!) you will be able to make much more informed decisions, solve online crises, and ultimately grow your business.

As social media has evolved we have seen an influx of tools and software enter the marketplace, and consequently are often overwhelmed with which ones to use. However having one social media monitoring and analytics tool should be part of every brand’s and business’s toolkit.

At Comms Axis we’re no strangers to using tools and whilst we can get to grips relatively quickly with new ones, we much prefer it when they are easy to use and incredibly flexible! And especially when they can help create content for our marketing strategy, help better understand our customers’ businesses, and even inform us on prospects that we want to pitch to.

Introducing Talkwalker, which “puts social data intelligence to work. Instantly”. In a nutshell it’s a social media monitoring and analytics tool that is incredibly powerful and intuitive.

Founded in 2009, Talkwalker is one of the world’s leading social data intelligence companies and its platform is pretty special in that it is totally built on proprietary crawling technology for ensuring data quality. They recently introduced their new unique set of preconfigured applications, IQ Apps: Instant Intelligence, which allows you to discover actionable and instant social data insights in only a few clicks.

Talkwalker differentiates itself from other tools in their space with a host of USPs from comprehensive listening (in 187 languages including auto translation of results, more than 50 different filtering possibilities) to deep analytics that can be downloaded into customizable reports (a very handy feature). Talkwalker, which monitors more than 10 social networks, is much more than a social media listening and monitoring tool, there are so many ways to maximise it for your business (which we will dive behind the scenes within this blog post).

Talkwalker Popular Use Cases

Social Data Intelligence Throughout The Enterprise With Talkwalker Their platform is split into 5 powerful modules:

  • Social Listening where you can discover social media results with their global coverage in 187 languages
  • Social Media Analytics that provide actionable insights out of masses of data from over 10 social networks and 150 million websites
  • Reporting that is fast and efficient, you can save time with their automatic report creations
  • Instant Social Intelligence with Talkwalker’s IQ Apps, we love this feature as there is no need to be a social data specialist to uncover key insights
  • Data Integration where you can easily integrate data to uncover even deeper insights

Inside Talkwalker

The comprehensive home screen is the first port of call. Here you are able to:

  • Analyze Your Data
  • Create Reports & Alerts
  • Modify Settings
  • Create Custom Dashboards for Various Departments


Within your dashboard you are also able to view and access IQ Apps, which allows you to get instant social intelligence. This is then tailored to your specific business needs – we love this capability! There are 6 powerful modules:

  • Brand Listening – You can track and receive alerts about relevant online and social conversations about your brand, campaign or company
  • Crisis – Get alerts instantly in crisis situations, you can track issues as they are happening in real time as well as create automated reports based on your parameters and rules
  • Hashtag Campaigns – Understand, compare and create reports about the performance of hashtags that are related to your company, campaigns or events
  • Social Channel Analytics – Compare and benchmark the performance of your own social channels against your competitors
  • Competitive Intelligence – Compare your brand activity, social performance and audience engagement against your competitors to learn how to get (and keep!) ahead
  • Advertising – Find the relevant and most effective keywords that work for your advertising strategy and measure the performance of your ad campaigns

IQ Apps

Greenpeace Case Study

We’ve recently been working with Greenpeace and leading London-based creative agency, Don’t Panic, on their latest video campaign: #StopShell. So we put Talkwalker to the test on this high volume and viral campaign to measure, monitor, analyse and act on the social buzz insights. It was also to provide us with benchmarks on the campaign’s performance overall.

Greenpeace’s campaign highlights how Shell’s Arctic drilling plans threaten a lot more than the beautiful Arctic and its vital ecosystem. Not only will the inevitable spills (75% chance of an oil spill, according to scientists) be impossible to clean up, but the extra greenhouse gases unlocked by extracting and burning the Arctic’s fossil fuels will hasten the world to what is depicted in the video – through oil paintings and real-life oil spills – as being a blighted, Mad-Max-like dystopian future.

By using Talkwalker we were able to dissect the data from hashtag analysis (#StopShell and #SaveTheArctic), the sentiment of what was being said about the campaign and video to seeing who the top influencers were and much more! The 5- day campaign (although the video continues to be viewed and talked about online) was a huge success – it went viral with a whopping 660,000+ views and more importantly over 7 million people signing a petition to stop Shell from mining in the Arctic. Below you can see some snapshots from the results of the online campaign.


  • 33,800 mentions for Greenpeace (peaked on 27th May with 8,700)
  • 16,000 mentions for Shell (peaked on 1st June with 3,800)

GP BuzzSentiment for Shell

  • Negative sentiment for Shell at 39.1% over the week, compared to 14.9% positive
  • Negative sentiment peaked on 2nd June (46%), lowest positive sentiment on 1st June (7%)

GP share of sentiment

Worldwide conversation

  • US: Had a slightly greater share of voice for Shell over Greenpeace (45.3% Shell, 40.4% Greenpeace)
  • Europe: Strong focus on Greenpeace over Shell (67% Greenpeace, 16.4% Shell and 8.9% #StopShell
  • The top countries talking abut the campaign were US, UK, Canada, Germany and Italy

GP worldwide mapGP Top Countries Emotions around the campaign

  • Positive: clean, beautiful, noble, powerful, important
  • Negative: inadequate, guilty, opposed


InfluencersTalkwalker Academy

Talkwalker’s resources section, which is aptly named Academy, is incredibly helpful and jam packed full of case studies, white papers, how to’s and user manual videos.


For those of you looking for industry-specific insights Talkwalker have that covered too! From finance right through to telecoms. These are incredibly rich with data and insights on different sectors – well worth checking out as we guarantee that you will learn something new!

Academy industriesIn addition they have social media publications split by expertise and core focus, from crisis management to public relations. Within each industry section you can also find the social media results for major brands.

Academy expertiseFree tools

Whilst Talkwalker is aimed predominantly at the Enterprise marketplace they do provide free tools for the smaller businesses. It’s a great opportunity to get a flavor of what Talkwalker’s capabilities are too. You can try out their free social search here (which lets you get a snapshot of a brand, company or hashtag’s online performance over a 7 day period).

In addition you can also set up alerts whenever someone mentions your name, brand, competitors, event or any topic! A very handy free tool that should be leveraged by every business, regardless of their size!


In all honesty we have only touched the surface with Talkwalker…it really offers so much more business value than any product review could ever justice – it is an incredibly powerful and easy-to-use tool.

It’s worth also mentioning that their support is extremely helpful and for those who are uncertain about how to set up (and maximise) a Boolean search they are on hand to do it for you.

We’ve been incredibly impressed with how intuitive Talkwalker is to use, and their resources (Academy) have been hugely valuable. If you’re looking for a social media analytics tool then look no further, Talkwalker does what it says on the tin (and so much more!) and should be part of every marketer’s toolkit.  And do keep an eye out for the Greenpeace / Don’t Panic campaign analysis we’ll publish by using Talkwalker!

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Dan Purvis

Head of Integrated Marketing Communications at Fintrax Group Holdings
Dan Purvis is Head of Integrated Marketing Communications at Fintrax Group Holdings, and is also a Media Champion for the Alzheimer's Society, helping spread awareness and understanding of this cruel disease.

Previously, he was Director at Comms Axis, a full service marketing agency specialising in content, social media & website services for businesses of all sizes.

Dan Purvis writes for a number of leading business, social media and marketing sites, including Smart Insights, MarketingProfs, Marketo, MarTech Advisor, Marketing Tech News, MarTech Today, MarTech Exec, and more.

Dan was also ranked by Brand Republic as one of the Top 50 UK Marketing & Social Media influencers.
Dan Purvis
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