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Why should marketers focus on the Instagram platform

Why should marketers focus on the Instagram platform is a question that has an obvious answer. But convincing the leadership and C-Suite of its value requires clarity, context and tangible metrics. Which is why we love this infographic by Websitebuilder! Whether you are a small business or a large brand, a presence on Instagram will benefit your business. It is the fastest growing social media platform on mobile devices. Within 6 years of the launch, it has attracted 500 million monthly active users and there is no sign of growth slowing down. That alone should get any marketer to take notice.


Why should marketers focus on the Instagram platform?

While Facebook and twitter have more of a focus on written content (Twitter in particular). Instagram, on the other hand, is a visual media platform where the picture you post should convey the marketing message.

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Visual content is king

The behavior of internet users has changed greatly after the introduction of Instagram. Users don’t want to scroll through several paragraphs of text. They are fascinated by cute pictures and quirky videos. This is mainly because the human brain is designed to be captivated by visual content. Visual content is processed 60,000 times faster by the brain compared to text. Humans are capable of retaining 80% of what they see. This means that your Instagram marketing campaign will be much more effective than other advertising platforms. The data already suggests that Instagram posts are more engaging on average than other social media platforms.


Consumers are on Instagram

The majority of Instagram users follow at least one business or brand. According to data compiled for a new infographic by Websitebuilder, more than 50% of millennials all over the world are on the Instagram platform. Your products will sell much better if you advertise to the young adults willing to spend their money. Whether your audience is men or women, Instagram is split via 49% of male internet users to 51% of female. 20% of users are from the USA and the remaining 80% are from other countries.


Highest User Engagement

Conversions on Instagram are higher on average because of higher overall user engagement that any other platform. The engagement per post has increased by 53% every year since launch! Currently, posts with photos get more engagement compared to videos. However, with new features such as Stories and Live videos, the engagement for videos is expected to increase. On Instagram, users will love your brand if you can portray a personality and more than 50% of the users follow a brand that inspires them.


Top brands are on Instagram

If the top brands are doing it then you should definitely follow suit. Instagram has been adopted by more than 48% of international brands and by 2017, more than 70% of brands are expected to be active on the network. Even if you don’t run a product based business, you can still have a business Instagram account with photos highlighting the usability of your products and services. By encouraging your customers to think outside of the box, you can increase engagement and promote your business.  (Click to enlarge the infographic – if you need higher resolution, please click here.)

Why should marketers focus on the Instagram platform? Check out this excellent infographic by Websitebuilder for facts and stats that answer this question!

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Dan Purvis

Head of Integrated Marketing Communications at Fintrax Group Holdings
Dan Purvis is Head of Integrated Marketing Communications at Fintrax Group Holdings, and is also a Media Champion for the Alzheimer's Society, helping spread awareness and understanding of this cruel disease.

Previously, he was Director at Comms Axis, a full service marketing agency specialising in content, social media & website services for businesses of all sizes.

Dan Purvis writes for a number of leading business, social media and marketing sites, including Smart Insights, MarketingProfs, Marketo, MarTech Advisor, Marketing Tech News, MarTech Today, MarTech Exec, and more.

Dan was also ranked by Brand Republic as one of the Top 50 UK Marketing & Social Media influencers.
Dan Purvis
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  1. Loretta Says:

    Instagram definitely takes some getting used to, in terms of marketing. It’s very different than the platforms marketers are familiar with (Twitter & Facebook), but the engagement rates are definitely much higher if your audience is there. I’ve been experimenting recently with the Facebook-Instagram-included advertising from FB Ads and even that is significantly better than just a standard FB Ad.

    • Dan Purvis Says:

      Excellent feedback, thanks! Instagram has high potential for many businesses, Loretta 🙂

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