Reinvigorate your brand


What is your “brand”? Can you describe it in under 5 minutes? Does your brand stand out? Is your brand recognisable? Do you know your Mission Statement and Vision? Is your brand consistent across all you collateral and digital properties? Is website fast, responsive and bulb-250x228optimised?


If you can answer these basic branding questions, and answer them quickly, then great; read no more on this section. (Except, maybe, if you want help with connecting your brand to your target audience through our services, that is!) If you can’t, or your brand – and branding – has stayed the same for a year or two, then read on and get in touch to see how we can help!




Our branding services include:

Design & Creative
Messaging & Positioning



Design & Creative


CA-website-creative-image-700x700Our talented team of creatives are an eclectic bunch. They make out Creative Hub tick and prevent us from doing the “same old” over and over again. They’re a bit mad, but we love them for it.


We combine strategy, design, technology and advertising principles to ensure that your brand makes a bang. We can do the whole shebang (yes, they like the word “bang” quite a bit too) or fast-turnaround small jobs, such as quickly creating new branded cover and profile pics for any of the social media networks, images for blog posts.


No matter what type of creative work you need, we will deliver it, including:


Social Media images

Visual content


Animated infographics

Logos & taglines

Email signatures

Videos (animated videos, training videos, HR videos, explainer videos, How To videos etc.)


Presentations (PowerPoint, Prezzi, Keynote etc.)

Sales collateral

Marketing collateral


Email marketing designs


Adverts (billboards, banner ads, social media ads, TV ads etc.)


Website Service

We build, manage, audit / analyse, host and refresh websites.


CA-website-website-service-image-700x700Whether you need your existing website to be audited to see what’s working or what’s not, what needs improving or whether your Calls To Action (CTAs) are effective or wasted.


Whether you need a new website for your new business, or need to replace your out-dated and old fashioned one with a modern, bespoke, SEO’d and responsive website.


The Comms Axis Website Service caters for all website needs thanks to our website guru, our team of functionality and design experts (including, of course, WordPress pros), and SEO geeks.


As well as our own website (naturally!), we have also been responsible for improving, building or auditing the following (and many more on top!):


And we don’t charge the earth for your online presence to stand out in a heavily crowded digital world.


Get in touch now for a free, no obligation consultation about your website!


Messaging & Positioning

CA-website-messaging-image-700x700We conduct Messaging & Positioning workshops to ensure that you tailor your messages for your target audiences with USPs, Value Props and proof points that resonate. As well as agreeing the primary, umbrella message for your brand, we can also create specific messaging for each of your target audiences sector-by-sector.


We insist on using the language of your customers. What are their challenges and pain points, and how you address them. The outputs you receive are:


  • “One Minute Pitch” – the umbrella message that succinctly describes the who, what, when, where, how of your business
  • Value Proposition – a clear statement that explains how your product or service solves customers’ challenges (relevancy), delivers specific benefits (quantified value), and tells the ideal customer why they should buy from you and not from the competition (unique differentiation)
  • USP – one of the basics of effective marketing and business that every brand must have; your unique selling points help drive home why a customer should buy from you


The Comms Axis Messaging & Positioning service provides you with the backbone of all your external communications, which you can use as the blueprint for all future marketing, sales, training / HR onboarding and social media activities.


CA-website-messaging-image-2-700x700The service is offered at two levels – “Light” and “Full” and are tailored directly for your business and sales goals. They include Competitive Research that we undertake, and will uncover during a highly consultative process where your business is right now, what it stands for, how it’s different, why it should be taken notice of, what significant business challenges it can solve, specific target audiences, competitors (direct, indirect and the biggest “competitor” – lack of awareness), what your concerns and hopes are, what’s working/worked and what isn’t/hasn’t, and more.


Working in partnership with you, we aim to really get under the skin of your brand and help you tell your story more effectively. We confirm ‘hot buttons’ of key audiences and how to address them through the most appropriate message (i.e. make the message as customer-focused as possible).


We do this for anything from company presentations to full branding overhauls. Brands that we have successfully conducted Messaging and Positioning for include start-ups, SMEs and multinationals, for both B2B and B2C: