Backlinks have become a core part of SEO (search engine optimisation), Digital Marketing and Internet Marketing. Simply put, search engines like websites with backlinks, but they love finding websites with high quality backlinks in their SERPs (search engine results pages).


ca-seo-250x250It demonstrates a brand’s authority…that it is respected and trusted by other brands by virtue of them linking back and sending traffic to another website. In turn, this has a positive knock-on effect for on your business’ website search ranking for targeted keywords.


Although be warned – we will not spam your links all over the World Wide Web on any old site. This would be detrimental to the search engine equity of your website.


We adopt an ethical approach based on relationships and high value websites that are aligned to the various, and ever-evolving, search engine algorithms. Google, in particular, are highly sophisticated in detecting malicious backlinking techniques.


Our Backlinking Service

Over time, we have built an excellent network of writers, bloggers and journalists thanks to our Blogger Outreach service and Content Marketing campaigns for clients. This has enabled us to secure backlinks on high ranking sites with strong Domain Authority for all manner of businesses.


As a result, our respected link building service is our fastest growing Digital Marketing service.



The published articles will include a do-follow link for your specific URL, as well as 1-3 other authority links in order to retain editorial integrity.


This means that the articles are not promotional, but are authentic placements. But don’t worry, these other links will not include competitors.


We can also write the articles for you – such as for Huffington Post – so that all you have to do is choose which sites you want to have coverage on and wait 1-4 weeks for the content to be published.


ca-tree-iconQuick, quality link-building

Similar to our Blogger Outreach service, our quality link building service focusses on delivering excellent results in a shorter timeframe. It provides an alternative route to brand awareness and website traffic as it is more about results than long-term relationships with your brand.


As such, it is the perfect complement to our Blogger Outreach as this means you get the best of both worlds – fast results combined with lasting relationships.


CM-spider-SEO-icon-250x235We provide both a retained and Payment By Results backlinks service for entrepreneurs and start-ups needing to boost their organic traffic, and we improve the Page Authority and SERPs (Search Engine Page Results) of international brands, including a global online gambling brand. Every business in every industry sector can benefit from our backlink service.


Payment By Results

Payment By Results means that you only pay for what you get. We also offer packages – such as 10 placements for a set fee – as well as monthly retained bundles. Please just get in touch to find out more!
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