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Social Media Analytics That Improve your ROI: Sotrender

With an abundance of analytical tools out there to measure the success of your social media marketing campaigns it can often be extremely difficult to choose which platform is the best to use for your needs. We were recently introduced to Sotrender – a social media analytics tool – and naturally jumped at the opportunity to try it out! And we weren’t disappointed. In a nutshell, Sotrender is the social media analysis tool for agencies. It provides the user with multiple solutions to analyse and optimise their performance across social media. Sotrender effortlessly enables you to understand the precise results of various activities, create reports and get all the data you need to do your job as a social media marketer in the complex fast-paced digital world we now live in.

In such a competitive marketplace, it is really hard for such social media analysis tools to stand out from the crowd or differentiate themselves.  At face value they can all look or sound the same.

Sotrender cover pic


   With Sotrender, it is not just about rich data and rapid social media analytics, but about helping their clients optimise and improve their social media marketing performance.

Initial impressions

One of the first things that struck us was just how quickly the social media data and graphs were populated – this is important for many agencies that typically have last-minute pitches to do or reporting to complete at a moment’s notice. More on that feature later!

The payment terms are also extremely attractive – aside from being quite a lot more affordable than some of the other (slower!) players out there, there are no hidden auto-renew contracts, no annual contracts, no fixed terms at all…just pay as you go!

The reports are fab too – a couple of clicks and you’ve got a robust report, including not just data but explanations and even tips to help improve your social media performance. You can also choose to remove the Sotrender branding, leaving just yours…perfect for those weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly reports you need to do!

Sotrender analyses data from across Facebook, Twitter and YouTubetoo. Instagram, is also about to go into public beta testing too, which is a great move. The free, no obligations trial (no credit card required!) is well worth signing up to so that you can really see the value you would get from it. They claim you can be up and running in 3 minutes – having dug into it following a quick demo, we totally agree. Why not test the theory here?!

9 Key Features of Sotrender 

1. Precise analytics for your Facebook, Twitter and YouTube profiles:  Sotrender provides you with a whole host of data, charts, timeframes, and numbers, all in one very user-friendly panel. It thus allows you to decide and make quick decisions in a smart, data-driven fashion.

feature 1

2. Data-driven tips and precise recommendations: The social media analysis tool impressively interprets data, meaning you have initial insights as well as the data itself. It provides simple tips, as well as pointing out where you can find even more information and improving your campaigns so that they generate the ROI and outcomes you want. 

feature 2


 3. Fast automatic reports, customised to fit your needs:  Sotrender delivers professional looking, completely customisable reports that save a bunch of time, instead of having to write them out or copy-and-paste “stuff”!

feature 3

4. Competition tracking and industry benchmarking: check successes and mistakes: This tool allows you to track any brand.  Meaning you can learn who else in your industry is using social media effectively and who isn’t, as well as observing their strategies and the effectiveness of their communication. 

feature 4

5. Audience insights, demographics, and activities: Sotrender also allows you to understand and investigate the audience you’re communicating with. It provides all the demographic data you will need as well as behavioural segmentation of engaged users, which is a must for the modern day marketer. 

feature 5


 6. Content analytics & inspirations: Choosing the right content is a key factor for your continued success on social media, and Sotrender allows you to fully get to grips with what is working and what is not, so you can see why and adapt accordingly to maximise your social media marketing efforts. 

feature 6

7. Content management helps publish and schedule your posts: Sotrender also allows you to plan your communication and publish posts on Facebook directly via the platform. Another time-saving feature for the social media manager or administrator.

feature 7

8. Workflow management with task assignment: This makes it incredibly easy to work as a team; their workflow management feature allows you to convert feedback into relevant tasks that you can assign for members of your team. 

feature 8

9. Moderation of communication and flexible alerts: On Sotrender you can easily see all the activities of one or more Facebook profiles that you are working on at any given time. You are also able to receive SMS notifications/alerts, which mean you can stay up to date and able to react much faster to ongoing developments, which is critical for customer service and enquiries. 

feature 9

Getting Started on Sotrender

Signing up is straightforward, with a highly competitive flat rate fee of £160 GBP to use the platform (around $250 USD).

Image 1

Your first port of call will be to add in profiles. In typical Blue Peter fashion we have already done this, however, it is as straightforward as it gets. All you need to do is click on the “Add new profile” button – you don’t even have to submit any details other than the URL, which means you can track competitors, partners, stakeholders and so on. 

Image 2

Once you have your profiles set up you and have added the accounts you wish to analyse, you are presented with an in-depth analytical high level view of your campaigns for each account during a set time period (which you can change howsoever you wish). 

Twitter Analytics

There are so many features and only a limited amount of time, so we are going to outline our favourite and arguably the most useful features on the platform. That shouldn’t be a disservice to the other features, but why not visit their site to find out more detail, or even sign up for a free trial and play around for yourself? 

Social Media Tips & Advice

Let’s begin by going down the left hand column and of course starting off with our favourite feature. The “Our Tips” section. This is a feature that no other social media analytical tool has – or at least not to the same extent. Therefore it is definitely a feature that Sotrender have got one up on all of its competitors. The Our Tips section allows you to understand what is going well with your campaign, what is going okay, and what could be improved on. Sotrender features four different sub categories, which detail exactly what is (or isn’t) working for each of them:

  • To Improve might show general things that you should improve on, for example if you are not using videos or imagery in your social media it will tell you to use more of it.
  • Engaging will tell you the best times in which to post, what times you might wish to consider posting perhaps. But also what you are doing well.
  • Content shows you what is good about the content you post or again what you could improve on, what hashtags you might want to add.
  • Profile highlights you everything that is good about your profile or you might wish to improve upon. Even basic things you may miss in your Facebook Page’s profile section (such as not having a vanity URL) is picked up on, for example.

Image 3

As I said this is without a doubt one of our favourite features of the platform and certainly something that no other competitor can offer you. For newbies to social media and seasoned pros alike, this really will help you crack the code of social media in helping you position yourself on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and drive engagements that matter as well as the all-important clickthroughs to your website. 

Social Media Reporting

Next up is the report feature. Reporting is a critical part of any social media marketing campaign – it provides the tangible evidence to prove your ROI and highlight campaign successes.

This is another feature we at Comms Axis are smitten with! Not only has it saved us time in having to take screengrabs or type out end of week and month reports, they are extremely concise, professional and offer a high degree of value to the client. To create a report all you need to do is click on the “Reports” tab on the left hand side then click “New Report”. 

Image 4

You can then choose what time period you want your report to run from and what you want to include in your reports, whether you just want an overview of the campaign or you want to include everything that is detailed below. The reports can be downloaded in PDF format or sent directly via email to whomever you want to see them. 

We really love this feature and the reports look like something an agency has spent hours preparing. Amazingly it takes only a couple of minutes for each one to be prepared. So it really is a huge time saver. 

Image 5

Social Media Reach

 Moving down to the “Reach” section on the column on the left hand side, Sotrender allows you to analyse your followers too. Again, this is a feature we really like as it simplistically shows you your growth in followers over a set time frame, and the data is easy to interpret and also customise based on your demands. 

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 13.19.28

In the past, social media marketers sometimes had to rely on actually making a note of how many followers we have started with and then manually counting them at the end of each week to go in reports, particularly if you need to go back in time to before the start date. Thankfully this feature means you no longer have to perform such an outdated method. It is also nice to see when exactly the peaks of followers are coming in.

Social Media Engagement

Next up is “Engagement”. Sotrender again makes it effortless for you to understand exactly when your campaign is at its peak in terms of engagement. The blue line on the graph below represents users retweeting content of yours and the orange line represents mentions. 

Image 7

This is an incredibly useful feature for fully understanding the success of your campaigns and how you’re influencing your target audiences. Again, this feature is completely customisable – you can set the date to whatever you want and look at whichever period you wish. Alternatively, if you don’t wish to view it on a graph, you can view it in the below format, which sums it up in an easy to understand, concise way.

Image 8

Social Media Content

Moving on to Sotrender’s “Content” section. This is where you can analyse the content that you’re sharing and look at the data to understand the bigger picture. The “Brand tweets” section puts the spotlight on which are your most successful posts and how many RT’s and Likes each post got.

We really value this feature at Comms Axis as it enables us to get to grips with what content our fans love and what posts aren’t working so well – the ability to therefore continually improve and serve up content that resonates most with your target audience is crucial. 

Image 9

A sub feature of the Content section, which is currently in beta, is “Brand hashtags” (below), which clearly highlights the hashtags that are being used well throughout your campaigns. 

Image 10

Facebook Analytics  

Again there isn’t enough time to take you through every single feature of Facebook Analytics, and it was very hard narrowing it down to the features we most liked as each feature is equally impressive across the board. So we have picked our favourites and again arguably the most useful features. If you want to discover more then sign up for your 14-day free trial and play around yourself.


 As with “Twitter analytics”, Sotrender allows you to see Tips and create a report based on your Facebook profile just like with Twitter, this feature is universal across all desired networks. On the whole, most of the features are very similar between networks, which makes it much easier to understand and use – there is no steep learning curve…or much of a learning curve at all! The image below shows an example of how in depth this is for Facebook. 

Image 11

A standout aspect of Facebook analytics is the Audience section, which is effectively the demographics of your Facebook Page. You can see a huge array of impressive demographic data that no other platform offers you in such a way. These include your fans interests, their ages, what countries they are from, and the excellent community rankings, which rank your most active fans on the platform.

This could be extremely useful come competition time and when giving away prizes. Perhaps you could pick your top five most active fans and reward them with something? This cool feature enables you to not only see who they are, but also their interests, ages and where in the world they are, giving you a nice little snapshot of your Facebook Page that Facebook Insights itself does not. 

Image 12

Social Media Engagements

The Twitter section also has this feature and we really do love it as it goes one step beyond Facebook Insights in allowing the user to fully grasp the success of their campaigns. It also shows the correlation between paid impressions and organic impressions, which can be useful to understand if your paid campaigns are falling on deaf ears and whether your organic campaigns are more successful or not. As with the other features on the platform this is customisable with in terms of any timeframe or date you wish to analyse.

The “Types of posts” analysis in the Content section of the Facebook analytics is great. It offers a clear, at-a-glance pie chart of what posts you are using most on Facebook. As you can see from the above we probably need to incorporate more videos (the shame!), but this offers a good breakdown of what you are doing and you can see if it is in alignment with your goals and strategy.

Image 13


In case you hadn’t guessed already, we highly recommend Sotrender. The whole platform is incredibly easy to use, the user experience and navigation is very simple, and at no point are you left feeling remotely overwhelmed or lost. We didn’t even need to pester their customer services team despite it being an analytical tool that we’d never used before.

Many of these social media analytical tools can bombard you with so much data your head wants to pop. However, Sotrender doesn’t do that in the slightest. Everything is laid out in a methodical and straightforward way, which makes it a joy to work with and something that you can easily justify spending (not much!) money on. 

I would strongly recommend checking out Sotrender and signing up for your free trial here. If you have any questions regarding the platform or have tried it out already then please comment below and tell us what you think. 

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Dan Purvis is Head of Integrated Marketing Communications at Fintrax Group Holdings, and is also a Media Champion for the Alzheimer's Society, helping spread awareness and understanding of this cruel disease.

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