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Reasons you should be using Social Media as a Customer Service tool

Social Media is a tool that everyone uses.  As the name dictates, it is something that people use in order to socialise with people. (Although some folks seem to have forgotten this art!)  As we know, in 2017, it is a tool that is also used by many businesses.  Company executives, and their coworkers, use these tools to communicate with, and gather information from, their customers. This article, by Nick Rojas, will introduce the concept and discuss the many reasons why using social media as a customer service tool is vital in today’s business world.

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Social Media as a Customer Service tool

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1. Creative Customer Acquisition

Using social media in today’s business world allows a business to get creative in how they interact with customers.  But, the tools a company uses allows for so many other services that help the business, and keep the customer interested.  A truly social business is one that not only uses social media as a customer service tool, but across every facet and department of its business – from top to bottom, and back up again.

Social media as a customer service tool is more efficient and personalised

2. Predicting Customer Behaviour

While social media allows companies to engage with the customer, and create a back-and-forth dialogue, it also allows the company to understand trending behaviors from the customers.  Customers will almost immediately divulge their preferences in certain products through your pages.

Lots of different social media networks are available for businesses to use social media as a customer service tool

On the other hand, they will also let the company understand what is not working.  Customer comments will detail what they like, and don’t like, which lets the company know how to move forward with a product, or if they need to discontinue it.


Additionally, knowing that customers saw a particular product on a social media page will let the company realise that their social media presence is working.  Thus, they will be inclined to pay more attention to their presence on these pages.  The bigger presence you have, the more chances customers will have to see you, and your product.


3. Product Pricing

Companies can use their social media presence to also make decisions about their prices.  If they see customers focus on certain products, that information will give coworkers a sense of what price point they should be centering on.  As a result, you can offer discounts on popular items, or you can create deals.


Once those decisions are made, you can use your social media tools to give your customers the news that they can now get a good deal on the products they were looking at, but couldn’t afford previously.  As a result, your customers will start buying more product, and spread the word to their friends and family, which will bring in more customers.

Lots of different social media networks are available for businesses to use social media as a customer service tool

4. Respond and Interact

You can do so much with the information you gather from social media.  But, in order to keep people interested in keeping the conversation going, you need to keep interacting with them.  It is not enough for companies to just have a place for comments, and other posts.  You need to have someone who is keeping an eye on social media comments from other customers.  Now that we have all these tools, people expect quick answers.


Therefore, having a coworker assigned to reply to customer comments is vital to letting them know that they are being heard.  Regardless of whether the comments are positive or negative, you need a representative on standby to respond to what customers are saying.  If they don’t feel like their message is being received, you may lose that customer.  So, responsive communication is important.


5. Announce Events

Once you know that your customers are communicating with you on social media, you can announce events inviting them to your business.  It will give them the chance to meet with you face-to-face to further discuss any positive or negative experience they have had with your company.


It will also give them the chance to meet other customers with whom they may have started relating thanks to your social media pages.  Lastly, customers will probably take the opportunity to bring friends and family. As a result, you will be able to meet more customers, and increase business.


Social Media as a Customer Service tool

Companies that use social media tools will be able to give better service to their customers by interacting with them, and understanding what customers are saying about the company, and its products.  Consequently, coworkers can change prices on customer’s favorite items, and announce upcoming social events.  However, responding quickly will continue to let customers realise you are interested in building a relationship with them.  Once they understand that you are interested in what they have to say, they will keep coming back to you.

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About the author, Nick Rojas

Nick Rojas is a business consultant, specialialising in digital and SEO marketing, and journalist / writer who lives in Los Angeles and Chicago. He has consulted small and medium-sized enterprises for over twenty years. His work often discusses social media, marketing, and branding in regards to small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

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Dan Purvis

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Dan Purvis is Head of Integrated Marketing Communications at Fintrax Group Holdings, and is also a Media Champion for the Alzheimer's Society, helping spread awareness and understanding of this cruel disease.

Previously, he was Director at Comms Axis, a full service marketing agency specialising in content, social media & website services for businesses of all sizes.

Dan Purvis writes for a number of leading business, social media and marketing sites, including Smart Insights, MarketingProfs, Marketo, MarTech Advisor, Marketing Tech News, MarTech Today, MarTech Exec, and more.

Dan was also ranked by Brand Republic as one of the Top 50 UK Marketing & Social Media influencers.
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