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Social Teens – Addicted to Apps | Infographic

In the business world, there have been theories widely circulating for years about the importance of tapping into the lucrative teen market. This special demographic is key because teens adapt easily to new brands or ideas and their preferences haven’t been firmly set in stone.  And thus social teens came about – the problem is, they’re addicted to apps.

Social Teens are Addicted to Apps Infographic by TeenSafe_Comms Axis post feature image_Check out this great infographic by TeenSafe to uncover details and insight into today’s social life of our app-addicted social teens - it's worrying!!

According to the 2016 Census, there are roughly 323 million teens living in the United States alone who have access to a fairly steady flow of disposable income which is estimated to be a combined 94.7 billion dollars. When this fact is combined with a teen’s strong, persuasive influence in how their parents ultimately spend their money, it’s easy to notice why this group of potential customers and readers – social teens – are too valuable to ignore.


Social Teens – Addicted to Apps

Unfortunately, today’s adolescents are not following in the footsteps laid before them by previous generations and require many of us to rethink our business or marketing strategy as we try to get a slice of the pie. One key factor we need to consider is how recent research estimates the average teen spends over 9 hours consuming media every day.


With numbers like that, it’s no secret that in the world of online business and marketing, we need to understand how our teen readers, buyers, and potential clients use technology in their day to day lives to maximize our reach and influence.


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Whether we are striving to hone our content market, build backlinks, or brand storytelling, it is essential that we capture the attention of our desired audiences and potential customers on platforms that stand out. This can be difficult at times because technology and trends are constantly evolving.


However, we do know that over 95 percent of teens have access to the Internet and social media is quickly becoming a cornerstone in the lives of our kids’ social lives and communication methods. With a little awareness and insight, we can use a teen’s social media to tap into this market.


For more details and insight into today’s social life of our app-addicted social teens, please scroll through the following infographic to help maximize your marketing and branding to meet the needs and interests of the teen demographic:


Social Teens - Addicted to Apps Infographic_Check out this great infographic by TeenSafe to uncover details and insight into today’s social life of our app-addicted social teens - it's worrying!!

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Social Teens - Addicted to Apps | InfographicClick To Tweet


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