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Social Video Marketing Tips for Small Business | Infographic

Behold…! Embrace the world as it transforms into a digital universe. The big data concept has been well sowed into the farm of business intelligence. What hovers around it is “smart presentation”. Millions of pieces of content are created and shared on the internet every second. So is it humanly possible to read this all? The answer most probably is NO! What is needed is a “concise, effective and yet attractive” way to communicate this all. This is where the tried-and-tested infographic has stepped in – a way to design words and analysis to make them stand out and effectively communicate what they intend to with minimal effort from the reader.  And this post uncovers some great social video marketing tips in a cracking infographic.


Social Video Marketing Tips for Small Business in an Infographic | #videomarketing #videomarketingtipsClick To Tweet


Social Video Marketing Tips

Infographics are all about the visual representation of data, knowledge and information. It follows the principle that “90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual”. It is stated that 40% of people respond better to images and visual presentation than simple text. Today’s brands have taken this to their core and work on the fact that high-quality infographics will occupy interest 30 times more than plain text.


The role of infographics also can’t be denied in the world of marketing, and especially social media marketing. With the plethora of social media platforms – Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and many more – the communication mantra has to be defined by two words: engaging and concise.


As a relatively low-cost marketing strategy, the importance and influence of social media can’t be ignored. It has to be visually engaging to make it exciting and appealing so that the audience, at least for a moment, will spend the time to go through it beyond a glance.


The below infographic made by Filmora team highlights some great social video marketing tips and, while infographics as a trend might fade away, but the need for data visualisation will stay. And this is exactly what a successful social video marketing strategy should be designed around.


Let’s take a look at these social video marketing tips right now – you may find some useful information here!

Social video marketing tips for small businesses highlighted through data visualisation in this infographic for Comms Axis

Click to zoom!


Social Video Marketing Tips for Small Business in an Infographic | #videomarketing #videomarketingtipsClick To Tweet
Dan Purvis
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Dan Purvis

Head of Integrated Marketing Communications at Fintrax Group Holdings
Dan Purvis is Head of Integrated Marketing Communications at Fintrax Group Holdings, and is also a Media Champion for the Alzheimer's Society, helping spread awareness and understanding of this cruel disease.

Previously, he was Director at Comms Axis, a full service marketing agency specialising in content, social media & website services for businesses of all sizes.

Dan Purvis writes for a number of leading business, social media and marketing sites, including Smart Insights, MarketingProfs, Marketo, MarTech Advisor, Marketing Tech News, MarTech Today, MarTech Exec, and more.

Dan was also ranked by Brand Republic as one of the Top 50 UK Marketing & Social Media influencers.
Dan Purvis
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  1. Tabitha Says:

    Great infographic with a lot of important information. It’s a good idea to construct your video schedule around the Hero, Hub, Hygiene concept – and your distinction between explainer vids, customer testimonials, demonstrations, and personalised vids would do well in this structure.

  2. I am glad I found this article. I never took Infographics seriously. Thanks for sharing such important marketing technique of Infographics.

  3. r training Says:

    The trend is expected to accelerate in the coming years as data from mobile sensors, sophisticated instruments, the web, and more, grows. In academic research, we will see an increasingly large number of traditional disciplines spawning new sub-disciplines with the adjective “computational” or “quantitative” in front of them. In industry, we will see data science transforming everything from healthcare to media.

  4. Great points and I learned a lot. Thank you for sharing them. Cheers!

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